3-Day Springtime Cleanse


I’m am one week home from my warm, sunny, Hawaiian vacation and as a typical Chicagoan, I’m beyond ready for Spring to arrive. I’m especially excited to do my daily walks outside in the warm sunshine and lighten up my diet with fresh, seasonal produce.

Part of my Springtime routine is to do my simple Hormone Friendly 3-Day Cleanse that I am going to share with you. My Hormone Friendly Cleanse is a refreshing break from daily, unintentional sugar dumps, unnecessary supplements, powdered drinks, bars, and store bought juices and too much stress caused by too little sleep and exercise.

When you understand how your body detoxes, you know there’s nothing more than nature needed.

Here are four simple steps to a Springtime cleanse that will jump start your Hormone Friendly journey in 3-days.

HF Jill in Hawaii 3daycleanse

Springtime Cleanse Step 1: Sleep

To do my simple Hormone Friendly cleanse you must first understand that your body is detoxing all day long no matter what you do or eat and your body does most of it’s detoxing while you sleep.

So the first step in the cleanse is to schedule in 8 plus hours of sleep for 3 days.

Springtime Cleanse Step 2: Walk and take yoga

Your body also detoxes with movement. The lymphatic system gets massaged and detoxifies with exercise. Yoga and walking are my favorite modalities and recommendations for the 3-day cleanse because they are gentle and effective rather than strenuous and cortisol inducing. For 3 days, don’t do overly strenuous exercise.

Springtime Cleanse Step 3: Eat 90% fresh produce at each meal

I like to think of fresh produce as being scrubby bubbles for your insides.

There’s nothing more healthy and detoxifying for your body than fresh vegetables. I have tons of veggie heavy recipes on my Pinterest Boards you can try. 10% of each meal should always be protein such as animal or plant protein and healthy fats such as avocado, olive, or coconut oil.

Springtime Cleanse Step 4: Eliminate the obvious toxins

Skip caffeine, alcohol, dairy, sugar, and grains. Eliminating these is basis of Hormone Friendly Fitness.™ Although I generally suggest you eliminate them systematically, one at a time. For the cleanse, whether you’re sensitive to these or not, stay away from all for 3 days. 

Strength & Love,


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