3 Phases of a Hormone Reset


With all of the food choices and obligations of the holiday’s in full swing, I would love to simplify your choices with knowledge of the 3 phases of a hormone reset.

A Hormone Reset allows your body to stabilize and heal hormone imbalance and ignite effectiveness in all of your efforts to lose weight. This means

Finally releasing the hormone related weight gain

Creating awareness around cravings enough to control them

Freedom from feelings overwhelm from over-active stress hormones

Increased energy because your body is back to normal
In all that I do with clients to lose weight and balance hormones, everything falls into one or more of these phases. Everything. Food, exercise, sleep, pleasure. In the 3 phases below, we’ll consider nutrition.

It’s in knowing these phases exist, knowing what do to while you’re there, and allowing each phase to build upon the other that you’ll see changes and results of your seemingly simple efforts. 


To allow our hormones to do what they are intended to do in terms of weight loss and stress, you must focus on keeping your blood sugar levels steady throughout each day.

You do this by eating Plants + Protein + Healthy Fat at each meal and eliminate high allergy, inflammatory foods, even if you’re unaware of a sensitivity or allergy, such as: added sugars, alcohol, processed foods, gluten, dairy and grains.

This is step 1 in the process because you must stop irritating and stressing your blood sugar levels and digestion for step 2 to be successful.


While we cannot ‘see’ the damage from eating inflammatory foods or the effects of constant blood sugar fluctuations, we can sure feel them. Consider your internal inflammation like a wound or an abrasion on your skin. A wound does not heal overnight, a wound takes time to heal. You will need to pause your expectations for immediate results to allow for regeneration.

Stop irritating your inflammation with a day or two, or weeks of poor eating, not exercising or pushing through without rest. Give your systems time to heal.


Resetting is starting with a clean slate. Often times, the simple phases of Repair and Pause can reset your hormone imbalances and your resistance to weight loss flawlessly.

In fact, this is what happens with 90% of all my clients.

However, there are some instances where supplementation is further needed and provides that extra bit of healing for your sensitive system. Supplements such as probiotics, herbs, oils and others will be effective once you’ve cleaned out your insides.

All of this happens in phases and over time.

Repeat after me, “there’s no such thing as a quick fix.”


But we’re all grown women and very interested in self-care, healing and self-respect so we already know this. Don’t we? 😉

Strength & Love,


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