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30-Day Transformation

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Even if you had all the motivation and time in the world for diet and exercise…

If you don’t know how to exercise and eat for your changing body and hormones by using them to your advantage, middle aged spread will just keep on spreading.

I work with many powerful and educated women like yourself, successful in every area of their lives except health and losing weight.

JillRodriguezBecause they don’t know how their hormones are affected by food, stress, and exercise, they stay tied to the up and down roller coaster of weight loss or worse, give up on themselves entirely, believing their out of control hormones and genes are in charge making weight loss and their dream life impossible.

These women believe the diets and exercise they did in their college days is what’s necessary to win that college body back. I mean, it worked back then! So they attempt the new mainstream, grueling exercise classes and most popular online nutrition advice because they’ve never learned exactly how their hormones actually work in their favor. Specifically as they climb their way through their 40’s in to their 50’s and think middle aged spread and matronly figure is the new norm.

Our bodies aren’t the same as they once were.

Tell me, do you…

  • Feel you’re now at the mercy of your out of control hormones?
  • Wonder why the shape of your body seems to have morphed?
  • Start and stop the same diet and exercise program you did in college?
  • Dread the idea of being the ‘older’ person in your exercise class?
  • Dread exercise because you feel too big, slow, old, and uncoordinated when it comes to moving?
  • Or make it to your exercise class religiously but see no results?
  • Eat mostly healthy food or eat barely anything at all without results?
  • Just make it through the day until you and your glass of wine wind down your day together?
  • Find it impossible to find the energy to cook for yourself or family?
  • Often allow that one-more-thing-to-do sabotage your exercise or food prep time?
  • Put your own self-care last?

On top of all this, you likely feel that your desire to lose weight, better yourself, and make an impact in the world is stronger than it’s ever been but you don’t feel that you’re the one in the driver’s seat anymore.

You’re tired of seeing other women your age seemingly unaffected by the middle aged spread simply because they don’t have the same hormone problems you do or they have better genetics than you and it’s getting harder to stay motivated to get your body on board to match the motivation of your mind.

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Aging is difficult and at times disappointing, but it can also be a time of satisfaction, passion, and when we can really make a difference in the world.

honestI totally get it – eating and exercising ‘hormone friendly’ is not what the mainstream fitness industry teaches us. And let us not even begin to address the media’s portrayal of the aging woman. There is next to zero understanding of how our new bodies work and what to do to change this.

In fact, we women literally go unnoticed in the fitness and nutrition world, yet we are the ones with the drive, the resources, and place in our lives to change the world!

When we realize the old ways of pushing through and the go-go-go methods no longer work for our changing body or our lifestyle…one would think we’d look for a different approach!

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But most women are addicted to this out-dated approach of pushing themselves to their limits… They think that weight loss requires more exercise and eating less – just like they did in their youth.

womenIt’s no wonder they give up! Unfortunately, this out-dated approach and mindset is exactly what’s keeping you from reclaiming your youthful, energetic figure.

It doesn’t have to be so hard.

In fact – Hormone Friendly Fitness™ is about understanding the effect of diet, exercise, sleep, and stress on your hormones, gently switching your body in to fat burning mode, making your self-care a priority (yes!), and truly stop the search to find the magic program or the secret to losing weight forever.

One of the things I like about working with Jill is that she is very responsive to my body. If I am sore or hormonal, she listens to me. She is aware. She keeps me wanting to move forward. I feel fit, strong, and energetic. –CATE

So here’s the thing: If you DON’T take charge of you hormones, you’ll always be working against them, never experiencing the results your hoping for. You’ll never…

  • End the cycle of starting and stopping exercise and diets – is this really what you want to do for  the rest of your life?
  • Be as comfortable and confident in your body as you’ve always wished you could be.
  • Confidently wear clothes that make you feel good, youthful, and dare I say, sexy in your body.
  • Look forward to exercise because you finally see results from doing it.
  • Overcome the self-sabotaging behaviors of more is better that keep you stuck, trying too hard, or giving up.
  • Have the energy you want to do the extra-curricular activities your friends and family enjoy with gusto!
  • Kick your sugar cravings to the curb so they stop taking over your hormones and moods.
  • Say goodbye to overwhelm because you’ve learned why your self-care comes first.
  • Find the time to prepare and make the best food choices for you and those you care for.

clientThat’s why I created the Hormone Friendly Fitness™ 30-Day Transformation!

In my Hormone Friendly Fitness™ 30-day Transformation program, I teach you proven, science based exercises that switch your hormones to fat burning mode and will allow you to get more out of doing less, so you have more time for you and the things you truly enjoy.

You’ll finally understand why your diet and exercise routine of old doesn’t do the trick any more and to be able to trust your changing body and give yourself the care you need so you can move through this world making the impact and living the dream life, you know you were born to live!

I just finished the 30-Day Transformation with Jill. It was an amazing experience. The modules that Jill has put together for each week are composed with all the information you need to be successful. I had gotten to the place where I felt like I may never see my waist again. WRONG! After just 30 days, clothes that felt tight are now baggy. I am so excited!! Jill is a great teacher and her calm, helpful approach was like a breath of fresh air. It was a life changing experience! Thank you, Jill!! –SHELLY

donnaI’ve lost a whole pant size and dress size, I have fewer hot flashes, I can carry 40 lb. bags of dirt up the hill, and carry quarts of firewood in from the shed. –DONNA

tinukeI have lost 20lbs by working with Jill. She taught me how to lift weights the Hormone Friendly way, and stop the kind of exercise which got me nowhere. My body has changed and I’m in the best shape of my life. –TINUKE

wendyI lost 5lbs instantly! I felt more energy, less bloat and more control over myself again. I have now lost 12 lbs, and almost 4% body fat! Thank you! I have needed a push for years. Your words everyday pushed me off the couch to a much higher, healthy quality of life. I would recommend this program, and have already! –WENDY

Thank you for the 30 day journey.  It was great to connect with such a great group of women and a very supportive Coach.  I was thankful that each Module was focused on the meal group (ie. breakfast) as well as the daily exercise outlines and examples.  I think what I received the most was the encouragement but also the focus on being “kind to yourself” which is key to keeping the stress down. You have motivated me so very much.  I lost 5 pounds, about 5 inches but most of all a better understanding of how my body responds to food that was causing me to bloat. –PATRICIA

I love this lifestyle change! I have lost 6lbs. so far and continue to feel better about myself. I do not crave bread or sweets. My pants are big and I’ve lost inches. More than that though, I continue to get stronger and look leaner. Thank you so much for all your encouraging words and motivation!!” – TAMMY

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The Hormone Friendly Fitness™ 30-Day Transformation will radically change the way you treat your body and grant you relief from trying so hard to get results. I know because I created it out of necessity…

I’ve totally been there! The well meaning older women in my life always chorused, “it all starts to go down hill in your 40’s!” But I was always naturally fit and exercised regularly so I thought maybe this wouldn’t happen to me. Plus I was a professional personal trainer! Surely I was safe from all of this… I was so wrong!


It seemed despite my regular workouts and eating the food I thought was healthy, overnight the scale went up, my belly pushed out over my pants, my boobs hurt, I was cranky and I just felt soft all over. So depressing!

I began choosing not to participate fully in many aspects of my life because I felt fat, tired and had nothing to wear. I truly thought I was going through normal, natural, and unfortunate hormonal changes when I started noticing the daily fatigue most of my older friends complained about, was unmotivated in my exercise routine, had crazy, irregular menstrual cycles, and a feeling of overall dissatisfaction with my life. I was sure I could beat the middle-aged woes so in my usual fashion, I kept pushing and worked harder until I couldn’t stand life this way anymore.

Thankfully, being in the fitness and nutrition industry and having been for over 25 years, I am privy to current information and studies which have revealed some things we thought we knew about weight loss, especially for women our age, are just plain wrong. The mainstream just has not caught up with it all YET. Further, I didn’t really need this information until now.

I have lost 10lbs and kept it off. My doctor is very pleased with my progress and the numbers from my bloodwork. Funny how when we get older, these things matter to you more! You can be sure that Jill will customize the program for you and work along your side so that you will achieve success. –SUE

So I set out studying everything I could about hormones, the effect exercise, food, and stress have on their function and why the heck things go haywire as we get older.

As I learned and fit it all together, I created an approach which involves doing things the way my human body was supposed to.

Doing everything – moving, eating, and relaxing – in a hormone friendly way, was the simple answer that changed how I felt and looked for good.

That’s when I realized women our age need to be enlightened about this approach and the Hormone Friendly Fitness™ Method was born

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Since then I’ve…

  • Learned how to do the exact kind of exercise to switch my body into a natural fat burning machine – the way it’s supposed to be!
  • Completely changed my physique.
  • Lost 6% body fat and 15 lbs. – I didn’t even know I had that much to lose!
  • Intuitively started eating the kind of foods that will balance my hormones and rejecting the kind which don’t.
  • Learned to prioritize my own self-care.
  • Found new, youthful feeling, energy levels.
  • See the same consistent results with my clients who apply this approach.
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crossfitIn the 30-Day Hormone Friendly Fitness™ Transformation program, you’ll learn how to create these kinds of results for yourself, using my scientifically proven method transforming you into the lean, hormone balanced, impactful, age-less Goddess you are meant to be.

You’ll discover the key to true, effective weight loss – exactly what the mainstream fitness industry is not telling you – that naturally balances your hormones, the kind of exercise that switches your body into fat burning mode, the food choices which direct your hormones to do their job well, and a simple way to de-stress with next to immediate results.

This is a way of caring for your body, that’s both impactful and intuitive, while taking charge of your hormones, and saying YES to self-care.

The type and amount of exercise you do, the kind of food you eat, and the level of stress you experience routinely directly affects your hormones. Is your fitness and self-care routine Hormone Friendly?

I love your program because it’s easy to understand. I don’t crave breads or sugar treats like I did. Oh and my moods are much much better. Thank you for your support and program. I also love the community on Facebook – DENICE

I’ve lost 10 pounds and feel great in my clothes! I really love the way my clothes fit now. My life is so much easier and streamlined on this program. Shopping for food, exercising and just getting through my busy day is effortless due to following your plan. I haven’t had any desire for sugar and this is HUGE! I’ve carved out time for myself, I’m feeling strong and LOVING LIFE! I feel great, energized, I’m sleeping and waking up feeling rested. I’m really enjoying trying all the new recipes.

I use to snack on chips or crackers throughout the day. I carved crunchy! Since I started the 30HFN 2 weeks ago I have not had one chip or cracker or sweets.

I have had a few nuts a couple of times but I am amazed looking back and realizing just how satisfying these meals are! Thank you so much!  – CAROL


With the Hormone Friendly Fitness™ 30-Day Transformation, You’ll discover…

  • typeThe exact kind of exercise that creates a hormone response for fat loss
  • The ONE exercise you should do everyday
  • How exercising too intensely and too often works against you
  • How your old, addictive exercise routine was working against your hormones even when it appeared to be ‘working’ and what to do instead
  • The kind of food that directly tells your hormones what to do
  • The seemingly healthy foods that sabotage your weight loss
  • The simplest form of stress relief you can do anywhere
  • And much more…
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My hormone balance has definitely improved which is very important to me. My friends are impressed that I wear sleeveless tops because my arms are very toned for a 60 year-old woman. –JAN


The Hormone Friendly Fitness™ 30-Day Transformation is a 4 week online coaching program including weekly video trainings, workout videos and printables, relaxation audios, a downloadable lifestyle journal, hormone friendly food guidelines, snacks and dining out cheat sheets, and lifetime access to a supportive and informative Facebook community. Specifically you will get…


Hormone Friendly Fitness™
  • The Complete Hormone Friendly Fitness™ Method ideal for your changing body and hormones
  • A complete weekly workout calendar of the exact kind of exercise you’ll do each day, so there’s no guessing
  • Video workouts, a follow along video library of complete effective exercises and workouts ranging from 10-20 minutes long
  • Instruction on how to safely do the exercises so you’re always staying safe with correct form
  • Printables of your workouts you can use while at home, traveling, or to bring with you to your gym so you ALWAYS get your movement in
  • A mini stretching and mobility session, for youthful joints, toned, supple muscles, and relaxing energy
  • The number one, MOST hormone friendly exercise you’ll do daily, to begin putting your self-care at the top of the list
  • Learn when to push harder and when to back off from exercise
  • Common obstacles to a regular fitness routine and how to overcome them


Hormone Friendly Nutrition
  • Meal Building Guidelines so each meal is hormone friendly from breakfast to dinner, to snacking, and dining out
  • 30+ Hormone Friendly recipes so you have the option to cook your meals at home
  • Serving Size Guidelines to stay in the Hormone Friendly range
  • Shopping Lists of Hormone Friendly foods so you can easily prepare to assemble your meals rather than cook at home if that’s your mojo
  • Snacks and Dining Out Cheat Sheet because eating hormone friendly is definitely possible on the go!
  • Tips on how to get motivated and stay motivated
  • Common obstacles to eating hormone friendly and how to stick with it


Hormone Friendly Lifestyle
  • A printable Lifestyle Journal to track your exercise, nutritional, and self-care goals and to help you ease in to the hormone friendly method step by step, and monitor your progress.
  • Sleep strategies, goals and why it’s vital for weight loss
  • Hormone Friendly meditation practice (short, quick, yoga meditation) for easy and immediate stress relief
  • Video teachings and techniques to bust through common obstacles ensuring your transformation.


Hormone Friendly Fitness™ Community

A Private Facebook Group with women just like you where we learn from and positively support each other through the journey. It’s one thing to have the information, it takes support to have a transformation and the Hormone Friendly Fitness™ Community and myself will be there for inspiration and strength.



Getting started with the Hormone Friendly Fitness™ Method
  • Learn your new body dynamics and why you need to change your  approach to weight loss as you get older
  • Why the exercise program and diets you did in college just won’t  work anymore
  • Learn how you can take charge of your seemingly out of  control hormones
  • How to trick your hormones in to fat burning mode
  • The truth behind weighing and measuring yourself to reach  your goals
  • Why the ‘exercise more and eat less’ approach to weight loss  is outdated and what science tells us now
  • Why the ‘healthy’ foods you’re eating are no longer good for you and what to eat instead
  • How to be a smart, hormone friendly exerciser
  • How to be comfortable and confident in your body
  • Overcome self-sabotaging behaviors
  • Say good-bye to overwhelm
  • Learn to trust your body as your greatest ally so motivation  never stops


Getting Hormone Friendly at Each Meal

  • The simplest way to balance your hormones with food
  • Easy to follow guidelines to eat hormone friendly from breakfast, to snacking, dinner to dining out
  • Why you must eliminate certain foods for hormone balance and fat loss and my step by step plan to do it
  • Get clear about when to snack and when not to snack
  • Get clear about true cravings
  • My guidelines for calorie counting and serving sizes
  • My 7 steps to stop overeating when you feel powerless
  • My priceless, time tested tips to dining with unsupportive friends or family members
  • How to get motivated and stay motivated


Become a Fat Burning Machine and Reclaim Your Youthful Figure!

  • Learn about the fat burning tissue you already have and how to create more!
  • Find out about your different energy systems for fat burning and how to make sure youre using the right one.
  • Sculpting, toning, balance and flexibility for a youthful look and feel.
  • Why your fitness routine of old is no longer in alignment with your changing body and hormones and what to do instead.
  • How to choose Hormone Friendly Fitness™ type classes in your area.
  • How to instantly change your energy, state, and attitude so you look forward to exercise.
  • Move like a self-assured Goddess with my daily, super quick, 5-step mobility practice.
  • The exact kind of exercise you’ll do each day and the why behind the movements
  • How to burn body fat with my video library of exercises and complete effective workouts


You’re Only Hormone Friendly When You’re Taking Care of You

  • How to prioritize self-care and bring pleasure to life no matter how busy you are.
  • Why you need to step in to your new stage of life as the Queen Woman worthy of respect and praise.
  • Learn the number one reason for belly fat and the suprising antidote… you’ll love it!
  • My unique practice of Hormone Friendly meditation to balance anti-aging hormones. The best method for beauty rest and boosting daytime radiance.
  • How to sculpt and care for your strong, wonderfully unique, womanly figure without fighting for a smaller yet unhealthy version of yourself which no longer serves you.
  • Learn from and get support and praise from other respectful and strong women in the Hormone Friendly Fitness™ Community.

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jill-bellGetting a hold of your hormones means getting a hold of your life.

Here’s how it works:

The Hormone Friendly Fitness™ 30-Day Transformation is a 4 week online coaching program includes:

  • Weekly video trainings where you’ll learn about your body’s dynamics and why you need to change the way you exercise, eat, and take care of yourself as you get older
  • Workout videos and print outs taking out all the guess work so you know exactly what to do each day
  • Relaxation audios to take mini breaks that will lower stress hormones, calming your nervous system, and creating the perfect arena in your body for fat loss
  • A printable lifestyle journal because goals and desires become reality when you track and write them down
  • Hormone Friendly eating guidelines so you’re never confused about what to eat to keep your blood sugar levels steady and harmonious for hormone balance
  • Cheat sheets for snacking and dining out, making life on the road easy to stay balanced
  • Lifetime Community and access to the Hormone Friendly private Facebook group of ageless, supportive women just like you



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A few words about me, Jill Rodriguez…

jillI am a Certified Personal Trainer, Weight Loss and Weight Loss Coach for women with age related weight gain specific to hormone change and imbalance. I work with private and online clients helping them to create a transformed lifestyle of Hormone Friendly exercise, nutrition, and self-care to lose body fat, tone up, and reclaim their youthful figure.

How? By teaching how exercise, nutrition, relaxation, and sleep affect hormone balance and by creating specific programs to promote hormone harmony and weight loss.

Mainstream media and healthcare practitioners tell us to eat less and exercise more but that does not work for us anymore. I have the insider techniques, strategies and personal experience to help you get results. I’m here to show you how.

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I’ve never worked out before. Is this program for me?
I’m an exercise junkie. Will this plan be too easy for me?
Am I too old to do the workouts?
I have knee problems, can I still to the exercises?
Is this really different from all other weight loss programs?
What kind of gear do I need?
Cool, I want it, will the program be shipped to me?
I travel a lot, will I be able to do the program on the road?
Will I get personalized advice from you?
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Why am I charging next to nothing for this program…

Those of you who’ve worked with me in the past are probably wondering why I would share all of my best methods in this one, single program.

I usually charge $147 for just one of my single personal training sessions, and people happily pay, because they know I understand their struggles and will help them get the results they’ve always wanted in a way that’s unique to them.

But occasionally someone will come to me and say, “I truly want to work with you, but…”I don’t live in Chicago,” or “I can’t afford personal training.”

So, rather than dismissing them – which I’ve had to do in the past, leaving me feeling like I’ve robbed them of a beautiful opportunity – I decided to create the 30-Day Transformation online and charge a fraction of the price so I can reach all of these incredible women who desperately need to make changes in their lives. I’ve intentionally priced this program low so you can afford to experience the Hormone Friendly Fitness™ Method no matter where you are in the world so you can start to see some results and begin to positively change your life.

I want to empower you, change your approach to health and fitness and help you reclaim your youthful figure. The Hormone Friendly Fitness™ 30-Day Transformation is going to make that possible for you.

Strength & Love,