4 Exercises For Healthy Knees

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Try These 4 Exercises for Healthy Knees.

I had my meniscus repaired in my right knee in 2005 and for years I exercised with minor to major pains but since I have included these 4 Exercises For Healthy Knees, I have more confidence in my everyday movements such as climbing up or down stairs or taking a step to an unstable surface, and in purposeful exercise such as running and  jumping.

My clients have also benefitted from both these 4 Exercises For Healthy Knees and Self-Massage To Ease Knee Pain.  Include these exercises as part of your fitness routine for more confidence and stability in your knees.

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2 Responses to 4 Exercises For Healthy Knees

Denise Wakeman

Thanks for this excellent video, Jill. I’ve passed it on to my running group since several of them suffer from knee problems.


    Thank you, Denise. There’s more to come on knee problems. Most active women suffer from some kind of issue or pain for many reasons but mostly because we have wide hips so force is brought downward and inward when we step and bend. These will definitely help. Consistency is key!

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