Do you really have to ditch sugar?


I assure you, life without sugar is easier than you think.

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In a blink of an eye, your sugar cravings can be gone and you could be enjoying clean living bliss!

Without sugar, you will enjoy – a lean body, steady moods and energy throughout your day, rejuvenating sleep, and a powerhouse immune system – because here are 5 ways sugar messes with your body.

1. Nutrients

Vital vitamins and mineral nutrients are needed to metabolize sugar. That means your cells are depleted of these nutrients so they can deal with sugar. The only thing you get from processed sugar is empty calories. Processed sugar is high maintenance and gives NO VALUE. 

2. Energy and Sleep

Because sugar is high maintenance and your body is using energy to metabolize it, you won’t have energy for yourself and everyday activities. When your blood sugar is constantly high, it can cause fatigue and brain fog.

Have you heard you burn fat when you’re sleeping? It’s true. Sleep time is a time without food so your body uses it’s energy stores from fat BUT if you are eating a lot of carbohydrates and or processed sugar, guess what? Your body has a hard time going for the fat when it’s been using sugar all day. 

3. Immunity

Your immune system suffers from sugar. Sugar in your blood stream makes it tough for your white blood cells to fend off bacteria. This can lead to long term illness and disease. This is very serious.

4. Health

We can all agree sugar is bad for your health and for good reason. Processed sugar causes inflammation in your body. This type of inflammation is the kind that damages cells, brain, nerve tissue, and blood vessels. It contributes to nearly all disease. 

5. A Lean Body

Your hormones control your desire to eat and tell your body how much energy you have. Sugar causes your hormones to be confused about energy and hunger. Your body begins to behave as if you’re starving for food, making you constantly hungry, and it gets really bad at burning fat for fuel.

Sugar is in everything!

Nothing made me more aware of this fact more so than my first 21-Day Sugar Detox. Sugar is in anything you can buy ready to go. It’s in packaged food. It’s in healthy food. It’s in packaged healthy food.

Once you understand and grasp all the delicious sugarless foods you can eat, in just a few days, you’ll stop craving crappy, fake, packaged foods and learn to love real, whole food your body and hormones actually know what to do with.

My clients have seen weight loss of up to 15 pounds in the first 10 days of their 21-Day Sugar Detox. They’ve seen sleep improve, skin improve, cravings completely disappear, and steady energy throughout the day. 

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I hope you’ve found this post helpful!

Strength & Love,


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