5 Things Women Who Lose Weight in Peri-menopause Do


If you want to know the secrets and the how to’s of women who successfully lose weight and eliminate the stressful symptoms of peri-menopause, you want to do what they do!

While you are a unique woman with a unique life and body, there are common trends and rituals in those who kick their fat loss hormones in to gear WITHOUT stress and deprivation!

Are you doing any of these consistently?

#1 Eat Low Stress Foods
Food can be stressful in your body and cause hormone imbalance when we take in too much of the processed kind and not enough real and live food options. Eating plants, protein and healthy fat from whole, earth based sources are low stress on your body and digestion. Therefore, your stress hormones don’t compete with your feel good and fat burning hormones.

#2 Exercise For Fat Loss
Exercise is stressful to your body and so is not exercising. Appropriately stressing your body then getting enough rest between workouts for replenishment is necessary for fat loss in peri-menopause. Weight lifting, short duration interval cardio and low stress movement such as yoga, pilates, and walking are the best mix of options.

#3 Replenished Lifestyle
Doing it all comes at a price and I invite you to embrace the very real fact that while you can do it all, your delicate, peri-menopausal hormone fluctuation insists you don’t. This does not mean you are not powerful and energetic. It means you are wise to prioritize replenishment in enjoyment, down time, sleep, positive mindset, natural body care, healthy personal boundaries and self-care practices.

#4 Curiosity Focused
It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the changes to your life and body in peri-menopause. I know first hand, you just don’t feel like yourself. Getting curious about how your body works and experimenting with attitude and habit change leads to personal growth. Curiosity opens you to opportunity to go within to learn about who you are and who you want to become rather than closing down and giving up on growth and renewal.

#5 Surrounded by Supportive Peers
It’s so easy to feel like you’re alone in this time of life and that no one really gets you. Believe me when I tell you, there are women out there, a LOT of women going through the same confusion, hormonal weight gain and all the uncomfortable symptoms and changes that come with hormone decline in peri-menopause just like you are. I know because they are in my programs and they are the kindest, wisest most supportive women I know.


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