6 Main Causes of Hormone Imbalance


There are many symptoms of peri-menopause. We know them all too well – weight gain out of no where, periods we cannot plan for, irritability, fatigue, trouble sleeping, the list goes on.

But we are not meant to suffer.

There are six main causes for hormone imbalance and knowing them can drastically change our experience of our symptoms. We need only decide it’s important enough to make some changes.



I would argue that all causes of hormone imbalance are because of stress and you will see this in the following causes. We think too much, work too much, eat food that’s not good for us, exercise too much or too little, we put energy out without recognizing the need to put it back in over, and over again.

Begin to recognize and bring this in to balance. Don’t gloss over it. Ask, “where is stress showing up in my life and how can I begin to make a change?”

Tools: purposeful and consistent meditation, yoga, hormone friendly nutrition and exercise.


Our sex hormones naturally decline in peri-menopause. While this is a natural occurrence, few of us know that our adrenal glands take over production of our sex hormones in peri-menopause. This means our adrenal glands now have double duty producing both stress and sex hormones.

Being more sensitive to stress at this time in our lives is not a downfall but simply the way our bodies have changed. This is the basis of hormone friendly weight loss. Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should. 

Tools: Understanding is key. Change your attitude around what you can do and what you should do, prioritize self-care and resist the urge to over do things. When you over do things, you’re over tax your adrenals plain and simple. When your adrenals are over taxed, they cannot produce your already declining sex hormones.


Sugar is stressful for your body. Eating sugar, even from natural sources causes a surge in blood sugar and an insulin response. While this is also a normal occurrence, we eat too much sugar. It’s in everything from breakfast foods to convenience dinners and many seemingly healthy options such as nut butters, gluten-free foods and organic options.

Begin to recognize where you’re eating excess sugar. Read labels. Swap out added sugar and food products with natural options or ditch it all together. 

Tools: choose fresh fruits, sweeten with maple syrup, honey, or stevia.


Toxins that cause hormone havoc are in everything. They’re in our air, water, on food and animals we eat, beauty products and cleaning products.

While there may not seem like much we can do in this area, there are ways to take a stand for how much you’re willing to knowingly let in your system. 

Tools: use a water purifier, buy organic foods as much as you can, shop local, swap out conventional cleaning products for environmentally sound ones, change your beauty care products to plant based rather than chemical based products from your natural foods store.


Our value systems are set up to praise progress and achievement. While this may sound like a good thing, and it is to a degree, we are disconnected from just being.

Masculine principles such as striving and getting things done is only half of the picture. As humans, especially women, feminine principles such as sensing, presence, creating and community must also be part of our life for balance, health and enjoyment of life.

Tools: realize the importance of the balance of masculine and feminine expressions in your life. Prioritize the need for both. If you spend most of your day in your masculine, getting things done, be conscious of spending your evenings in your feminine with down time or purposefully creating something meaningful just for the pure pleasure of it.


While I prefer to live in a world where there’s much progress in the area of the positive treatment of women, we still experience trauma at the hand of men and our culture. This exists on an individual basis as well as in our collective consciousness as women. It affects our bodies, emotions and understanding of ourselves as people.

Are you beginning to see the connection between our emotional health and our hormonal health? Can you see the theme of stress affecting our hormones?

We are not weak to take precious care of our bodies as they change. We are wise.

There is much our bodies take on in our daily lives and our extended lives during peri-menopause. Added responsibilities often as the new matriarch of our families require us to hold space with strength and nurturance when natural yet transitional life events occur and add to our expectations and feelings.

Tools: seek support in community or with a counselor, read for knowledge and for pleasure, stand up for causes, give to charities which speak to you and support women, again, prioritize-self care.

I hope you’ve found this information helpful. I find it very important to understand how your outside world affects your inside world and vice versa. 

This to me, is a great reminder of how much control we have over our health and weight loss in addition to how important it is we take care of our bodies so that we can be our best selves for the world. 

Strength & Love,



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