8 essential strategies for hormone balance & weight loss in perimenopause


I remember when I first realized I was in peri-menopause. After over a year of feeling like crap because of my climbing weight, irregular periods, losing healthy hair by the handful, sore breasts all month, and being pissed off and unmotivated in my life, I was really at my wit’s end.

Getting a diagnosis of endometrial hyperplasia (a result of hormone imbalance) and confirmation that I was indeed in peri-menopause, was a blessing and a curse because one, I knew I wasn’t going crazy and because of all the horror stories I heard about menopause, I thought I was in for a very long and uncomfortable ride.

“Yay!” and “Oh shit!” at the same time.

Being a nutrition coach, I knew wanted to care for myself as naturally as I could. So I dove in to studying and focusing more on nutrition for hormone balance, exercise for women in peri-menopause and why everything goes haywire as we get older.

Over the years I’ve discovered that there are some super crucial strategies to achieve natural hormone balance and drop the extra weight brought on by Peri-menopause. 

Strategy #1 – Eat real food

Please do not underestimate how many people still eat food stuffs expecting their body to work well. Eating real, unpackaged, unprocessed food allows your body the chance to use nutrients it understands and to create a harmonious arena in your body for hormone balance, health and weight loss.

Strategy #2 – Eat with awareness of blood sugar

Maintaining steady blood sugar levels with food is the key to health and fat loss whether you’re in peri-menopause or not.

This creates a harmonious hormone balance by keeping inflammation under control allowing your body to flip the fat burning switch ON so your body uses fat for fuel.

Strategy #3 – Avoid typical food intolerances

Food intolerances and irritants such as sugar, alcohol, gluten and dairy cause internal stress and cause your body to hold on to extra body fat, by eliminating trigger foods for a period of time, then systematically introducing them back in (testing), you can decide what foods work best for you.

Strategy #4 – Switch up your cardio

Hormone friendly cardio consists of what you may know as interval training.

Interval training is done over a very short period of time, 15-minutes or less, with rest periods in between causing appropriate stress over an appropriate period of time to tap in to metabolism change.

Strategy #5 – Attitude adjustment

You must be willing to share the joy of this transition and be willing to plant seeds of positivity for your legacy and future every day. Check yourself when you fall in to patterns of complaining with your friends or falling in to dark moods. Question if that’s how you want to experience life. You do have a choice.

Strategy #6 – Daily replenishment

When we have a steady stream of stress hormones, our sex hormones, the ones telling our body to release or hang on to fat, are not doing their job.

Create daily, calming rituals such as meditation practice, staying present while cooking, driving, or having conversations, go to a yoga class, get massages or do a simple stretch routine at home.

Strategy #7 – Lift weights

Follow a systematic weight lifting program 2-3 times a week, that safely mimics everyday movements such as sitting, standing, pushing and pulling, plus encourages progress and tracking of progress.

Safely lifting appropriately heavy weights creates a hormone response to burn body fat, and has your body burning calories all day long.

Strategy #8 – Vitamins & Herbal remedies

Last but not least, cleaning up your diet is your priority but even if you’re eating a variety of plants, protein and healthy fat, in order to get enough to help correct hormonal imbalances, a supplement is often necessary. Supplements such as

A Vitamin B complex will help regulate your adrenals, sex hormones and mood issues.

Chaste tree berry significantly decreases the frequency and severity of hot flashes and leads to significant decrease in night sweats, insomnia, anxiety, depression, and headaches.

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