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I’m Jill Rodriguez, a Women’s Hormonal Health and Weight Loss Coach inspired to help you have a lighter experience of being a woman.

Weight loss and hormones seem to define what it means to be a woman, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

I created Hormone Friendly™ Weight Loss out of necessity. 

I suspected I had a hormone imbalance when despite my diet of healthy food and regular exercise, overnight the scale went up, my clothes were too tight, I was irritated by everything and I started not to participate fully in my social life because I felt fat, tired, and had nothing to wear.

I was dissatisfied yet determined so I did what any fitness professional would do…I pushed harder. I exercised harder, I ate less and I was a complete stress case about it – nothing changed.

What I actually needed to do and didn’t know at the time, was focus on hormone balance.

Once I shifted in to consistently eating, exercising, and designing my life around my specific hormone imbalances, body and emotional care, I dropped 20 pounds in 3-months. I don’t care what anyone says, losing weight does make you happier. Especially when you’re naturally joyful to begin with!

The shift in my work was over 2-years and in that time, I’ve studied hormones and about their precious balance, weight loss, testing for imbalances and how to fix them naturally. I’ve been certified in health, weight loss and human behavior coaching and testing things out on myself and my wildly successful clients. I have retired from my personal training business to focus entirely on hormonal health and weight loss coaching because this is the juice of being a woman where the results come from!

I coach my clients to balance hormones with targeted nutrition, supplementation, and lifestyle design plus positive body image, healing from a lifetime of trying so hard, and fulfilling those life-long dreams.

But I get it, attempting another weight loss journey can sound daunting! And it certainly doesn’t happen overnight. Initially, I was even unwilling to accept my hormones are changing as I’m getting older. But ultimately, I allowed myself to lean in, accept and learn which led me to daily hormone balancing practice and amazement that my life and body can be the best I’ve ever been.

Once you feel good about yourself, you can move mountains! 

The pushing hard, giving up pattern of weight loss was working against me, and my guess it’s not very effective or fun for you either.

So, to get you moving in the right direction for your life and weight loss journey, I invite you to take my quiz, Are Your Hormones Keeping You From Losing Weight? to learn how you can get started in the powerful process of discovery, getting in alignment with your specific imbalances, and the targeted steps to rebalance them because once you do, weight loss becomes effortless. 


Hormonal Health Coach – currently in Apprenticeship with Nicole Jardim

Transformational Weight Loss Coach – with Holistic MBA, Health Coach Institute

Certified Nutrition Coach – with Precision Nutrition

Certified Personal Trainer – with Personal Training Academy Global