I’m Closing My Doors!

7e9b9abdc9621d683736f91468e3f023 Im Closing My Doors!I was away from my website for a while and you may have noticed my consistent efforts as of late.

Truthfully, It’s because I had lost my passion for my business as it was.

But then something changed. 

At first, I forced the change.  I thought about refreshing the jilltrains website and taking a different approach.  I even hired a new business coach to help me get refocused, but when I sat down to refocus, all I wanted to do was watch Game Of Thrones and hang out with my boyfriend.

My new business coach, Stephenie, said, “Jill, I think you need to take more time for self-care.”  So, I did a lot of it and I still am.  I watch TV when I want.  Nap.  Workout. I go out to see the live music I love, see my friends daily, and most importantly, I went to a 3-day work week. 


It’s a beautiful thing.

In this time, after I stopped forcing things, a decision came to me that opened me up to a sense of relief that I’ve never felt in my business.

I’ve decided to move on. 

What does this mean for my training business?  Here’s what I’m thinking…

1.  I want to give you what you want.  My most read, shared, and responded to Blog post was, He Said I Was Fat & Ugly.  In this post, I shared a very personal and vulnerable story of an abusive relationship that led me to healing self-love and discovery along with techniques to move beyond troublesome words that were said to me and the way I felt about myself.  

Everyone wanted to know more.

Made me wonder,

“maybe people will get better, more immediate results in our work together if I help them get to the root of why they’re not living their best life.” 

2.  I don’t want to give you what you ask for.  I’ve championed Jilltrains Wellness & Fitness for 10 years.  In that time, I’ve asked what you exactly what you wanted to learn from me and how I may serve. 

This is what I was most often asked,

“How can I lose belly fat really fast?”

“What’s the best exercise to lose my flabby arms?”

“I’m desperate, how can I lose my last 5lbs.?”

I get it.

I’m not judging.  I want to be and stay fit too.  Everything you need for results like that is here in my post, How To Get Results: Exactly What I Tell Private Clients.

The answers don’t lie in the quick fixes and I don’t want to twist my words in the attempt to give you your medicine. twit bird Im Closing My Doors!

What I’ve discovered over the years and in the trenches is that you’re going to do whatever you want.  You’ll find a “cleanse” online, you’ll find a new diet book, you’ll buy a juicer, feel great, feel crappy, and tell me about.  You’ll lose 4lbs, put it back on, make excuses, give up, come back after 3 months, and all the while I’m wishing that you would just care about yourself as much as I care about you.  Enough so that you

GIVE yourself what your really craving.  ACCEPTANCE

NOURISH yourself with loving words. SELF-RESPECT

LOVE yourself enough to give these things consistently.  DESERVEDNESS

When you strengthen your acceptance, self-respect, and deservedness muscles, it becomes quite natural to give your body the exercise it needs and enjoy the way it makes you feel. You very naturally nourish your body with quality food, and when you deeply love yourself, all of these choices come from unwavering self-respect.

Makes me wonder,

“this may not be what personal training is all about according to the fitness world.  But I want it to be.  Maybe people will listen to me if I take this approach anyway.”

So Im starting new.  I’m not sure what this is going to look like.  My site may evolve,  I may bust out a completely different area of my business, who knows?  If you decide to keep following me, awesome!  I’m overjoyed to have your support along the way. 

I’ll post workout videos, as long as you keep asking for them. I’ll continue to train my private community and take on new clients. Especially because I’ve rolled out a new Distance Coaching Program that will allow you to train with me even if you don’t live in Chicago!

There are plenty of fitness professionals giving quick fix advice in posts and videos all over the internet.  I just don’t want to deliver the same message in a different body. 

I can only be myself and I am on a self-respecting path that does not include quick fixes.  This path is beautiful, messy, excruciatingly awesome, and it’s shifting.  Aho!

I believe strongly in my work.  In order for me to stay fulfilled and give you all I’ve got, I must help pioneer a Wellness Industry that promotes Self-Love.  I hope you’re up for the ride.

Strength & Love,

jillsign611 Im Closing My Doors!


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The Practice of Ageless Sexiness

image2 The Practice of Ageless Sexiness

There’s this new movement online and in the media.  It’s the sexy phenomena.  Sexy is the current media buzzword.  Everyone wants to learn how to be sexy, be more sexy, run a sexy business or event, eat a sexy diet, do a sexy workout, etc.

I’ve even used it on my blog not so long ago, Sore Is The New Sexy.  People loved it!

We’re assuming and maybe rightfully so, that once we hit a certain age, we’ve lost it.  We’ve lost our appeal and our desires.   But the cool thing about being where I am in my life is that I know for certain, sexy is a feeling.  Looking sexy is in the eye of the beholder but that only goes so far.

Any one I talk to on the subject, women and men alike, say there’s nothing more sexy than a woman who knows herself and likes herself.  The following Sexy Practice is a good place to start.

Feeling Fabulous = Sexy

Take care of yourself.  Practice self-respect by making decisions that suit how you want to feel, wear clothing that makes you feel good, take care of your physical body by staying well groomed, exercise, eat vitalizing food, do what you like to do, make time for solitude, and soulful, unstructured time.  This does not require money.

I have a fashionista girfriend who lives in LA.  I am not, for the record, a fashionista so going clothes shopping with her was an experience to say the least.  Her method of choosing an out fit is by asking, “Does this make me feel fabulous?” Any hint of a “no” was an absolute “no.”  Wow!  I began applying this to everything.  Maybe obsessively so.

Does this soap make me feel fabulous?

Does this decision make me feel fabulous?

Does this workout make me feel fabulous?

Does this food make me feel fabulous? 

Being your true self = Sexy 

You are not in competition.  Compete with no one.  Don’t try to be like anyone but yourself.  That will make you cranky, scrunch up your face, make you appear desperate, and deplete you.  Not sexy.

I’ll never forget about the most liberating time in my life.  I was recently heart broken and obsessing about what my ex may or may not be doing or who he may or may not be seeing.  Upon praying and deep reflection, the words came to me, healing is not a competition.  Thank you Universe!  I began applying this wisdom to everything.

Life is not a competition.

Work is not a competition.

Love is not a competition.

Sexy is not a competition.

Loving on life itself = Sexy

A grateful girl, is a happy girl, is a sexy girl.

By becoming aware of your present moment, you slow down, connect, and let gratitude satisfy you. I know this sounds simplistic but this practice is for real.  You just have to do it to feel it.  Being present (aka: loving on life) can be a very sensual experience.  This does not have to be an exercise of grandiosity either.  Of course you can be grateful for your home, job, kids, the big things.  Try the little moments without the need to grasp them.

Appreciate the birds chirping.

Appreciate the way the air feels on your skin.

Appreciate the taste of chocolate.

Appreciate the way light dances off the leaves on a tree.

I remember going to a running clinic where an audience member asked how she can learn to run faster.  The coach replied, “The only way to learn how to run faster is to run faster.”  Brilliant!

…just as the way to learn how to be sexy is to be sexy.

Strength & Love,

jillsign611 The Practice of Ageless Sexiness




“I don’t do fashion, I am fashion.”  Coco Chanel

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WORKOUT :: Lovin’ On Sit Ups!

Today, I have an Ab Routine that targets your entire core, strengthens your abs & back, and slims your waistline!

This workout was inspired by my clients who regardless of how hard they worked in their session, will always ask,  ”can we do some extra abs?”  So here’s your Extra Abs Routine.  It’s called Forever 21 Abs and can be used on its own as a full workout 2-3 rounds, or truly for extra work following a strength training routine such as in my last video, WORKOUT :: One Piece of Equipment  or a body weight routine such as this one Body Weight Exercises.

0 WORKOUT ::  Lovin On Sit Ups!

21 Plank Jacks (modify the plank jacks by stepping out to the side rather than jumping)

21 Full Sit Ups (modify these full sit ups with a basic crunch)

21 Hip Dips (modify these hip dips with a side plank hold for 21 seconds)

Also, I recently filmed a video with the Mercola.com team to accompany Dr. Mercola’s article, The Best Sit-Up Of All Time Is Still A Crunch.  Of course it is!  Everyone loves the crunch.  Check out the techniques in this video, How To Do A Crunch Properly.

0 WORKOUT ::  Lovin On Sit Ups!

As always, if you liked this video, please “Like” it on Facebook, Tweet, and share using the buttons below.

Strength & Love,

jillsign611 WORKOUT ::  Lovin On Sit Ups!

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How To Get Results: Exactly What I Tell Private Clients

42fa40c97f5c4b1ff2cd2eefbbd20d87 How To Get Results:  Exactly What I Tell Private Clients

At this point in your weight loss journey, you’ve probably learned that it’s because of your hormones that your body holds on to fat, burns it, and drives your motivation or lack there of to do it.

The good news is that you are not a slave to your hormones and all is not hopeless.  You are in charge and you are about to learn exactly what to do.

In fact, all of the tweaks and tricks in my workouts, nutrition, and guidance I provide on my site will continuously help you to learn exactly how to apply them in your everyday life.  So I hope you learn to trust and stick with me.

Your actions such as the type of exercise you choose, the food you eat, how much you sleep, and the amount of stress you allow in to your life tell your hormones to either burn fat or store fat.

To no fault of our own, most of us girls start the wrong way. We have been told doing more cardio & lifting light weights with many repetitions is the way to slim and tone for women and we may have even seen temporary (key word!) results doing this kind of exercise.

BUT what we want to do in our exercise routine is create a hormonal response for growth.  A growing body needs fuel and we want the fuel to be body fat.  So, hear me when I tell you…

1.  Hormone Friendly Exercise

You must lift weights.

Safely lifting heavy weights not only creates the hormonal response to burn body fat, it also feels good in its own way, and has your body burning calories all day long.

Do not be afraid.

We will begin slowly, using weights that will allow you to keep perfect form.  You will need to observe with my help, what feels right for you.

You must shorten your cardio.

Research shows short, managed (no more than 10-20 minutes) high intensity interval sessions can be the most effective for fat loss and getting rid of stored glycogen which allows you to burn fat for an extended period of time after your workout.  The benefits are amazing compared to long cardio sessions.

2.  Hormone Friendly Eating

Through my nutrition guidance and support,  we can achieve better hormone balance and that’s the key. When hormones are in balance, they work well and work things out themselves pretty well. That’s if you do your job in applying your new diet and lifestyle which includes your hormone friendly workouts.  We will talk more about this once you start training with me.

3.  Sleep in a dark room for 8 hours

Poor sleep negatively alters hormone function.  Less than 7-9 hours per night can lead to weight gain, diabetes, cancer, decreased mood, and performance.  This is no joke.  At times, I will recommend skipping a workout if you are chronically sleep deprived.  Very often, it’s the one factor keeping you from losing weight.  Especially if you’re exercising regularly, following your food guidelines, and still not seeing results.

4.  Manage your stress

In terms of weight loss, environmental stressors cause a down regulation of hormone receptors in charge of how much body fat we need to use or store.  As with sleep, stress managment is a major contributor to your weight loss results.  I say this first because our work together will focus on weight loss however, the affects of stress on your body is the number one cause of internal inflammation and death.  Take this seriously.

5.  Be Consistent

One workout a week will not get you weight loss results.  Three workouts a week with a 2-week break will not get you results.  I would like to think this is obvious but people do it all the time.  Prioritize.  Keep your appointment with yourself and with me.  It’s the ultimate self-care.

6.  Move more in your everyday life

Walk please.  Move more in your life please.  Enjoy your fitness.  Go hiking, biking, golfing, gardening, cleaning, all of that.  It’s all good stuff.

7.  Contact me! 

Reach out.  That’s what I am here for.  When you sign up for full 60-minute sessions, you are my VIP client.  You are entitled to ask me questions when you have them and or get support via email, phone call, or text message.  You will get a response in 24-48 hours and most of the time sooner.

8.  Get online 

I have tons of support for you online.  Follow me, sign up, subscribe, book a session.  All of the links below are informative and gives you a sense of my creative ways of approaching weight loss, body image, and cravings.





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Strength & Love,

jillsign611 How To Get Results:  Exactly What I Tell Private Clients


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The Space Between Acceptance & Progress

 The Space Between Acceptance & Progress


I’m a yoga girl at heart.

In yoga, there is no arriving at a goal, the journey is the practice.  Progress in flexibility is made and progress in self-awareness can happen for sure but striving is not usually the goal.

While I like to live every area of my life with this philosophy, it’s a conflicting concept in my business of weight loss. I have clients who want results.

I’ve had discussions and question my yoga community about this subject a lot.  My questions are,

“Is it possible to blend the yogic concept of the journey in my workout programs?”

“How can I stress the importance of the journey with my weight loss clients who try so hard to accomplish their goals?”

Here’s what I’ve come up with so far,

For you, on your weight loss journey, there must be goals declared and observable progress made.  But before we start, your mindset must change.

The first place to start on a weight loss journey is acceptance of where you are right now. twit bird The Space Between Acceptance & Progress

The second place to start is to change the acceptance to appreciation or what I like to call self-love.  A mentor of mine, Jason Seib, author of The Paleo Coach, says it like this, “You can’t change a body you hate.”  So true.

I’ve seen clients make amazing changes to both their health and body only to stay cranky, unappreciative, and ultimately unaware of the progress they made.  You know what happens then?  They stop the journey only to begin again when weight creeps back on.

Has this ever happened to you?  It’s happened to me.  I just recently saw an old photo of myself at what I considered, at the time, to be lean, fit, and training hard. The only thing I could remember about that time in my life was that I was cranky.  All the time!  That’s no way to live. So what good was all my hard work?

I can’t work like that anymore.  I won’t do that to you.  So I changed my philosophy.

I’ve compiled a few tips I use with my clients.  I no longer announce the process.  I call it, sneaking in the medicine with the workouts.

Begin each workout with the intention of healing your body from the inside out.  With every breath you take, or huff and puff that occurs, remind yourself that you’re truly healing your body with movement, increasing circulation and breathing in oxygen to flush out the tired, crankiness and build in the strong, happiness.

Look forward to your workout sessions.  See them as an opportunity for growth and positive change.

Eat food that scrubs your insides clean.  Real, whole, minimally processed foods are life giving and happy making.  Processed, garbage food clogs your insides and makes you cranky.

Note when you’re obsessing about your goals. Patience is a virtue.  Remember you are taking necessary steps in self-care.  Stop, breathe, smile.

Every healthy choice is the ultimate self-care.  Self-care is a journey.  There is no end.  You do not arrive at self-care but through self-care, you’ll wake up one day having reached your goals.

It’s my hope for you that the self-care journey to weight loss will distract you with happiness so when you do notice you’ve reached your goals, the journey continues.

Strength & Love,

jillsign611 The Space Between Acceptance & Progress





P.S.  If you like and follow my posts, let me know.  Tell me how you have applied my tips to your workouts in the comments section below.  Ask me a question.  As always, I appreciate your support.  By clicking on the social media links for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and such, you help me spread my message to the world.  Thanks so much!

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