Hormone Friendly Supplement + Ritual Combo


I have a family pre-disposition to Thyroid problems so along with a Hormone Friendly diet, I supplement for thyroid support with Brazil nuts daily.

For a healthy functioning thyroid and for the thyroid hormone to work correctly, Selenium is essential for your thyroid to operate without stress.

Brazil nuts are a perfect and natural source of selenium. Raw organic, unsalted Brazil nuts will be the best quality choice.



Brazil Nuts & Breath Work 

I have four Brazil nuts in the mid afternoon and combine a chewing exercise and breathing exercise to multi-task, if you will, for relaxation and nourishment.

Begin with a deep cleansing breath. Chew one Brazil nut for one full minute. Take another cleansing breath, then repeat the cycle for all four nuts.

Breathing slowly, on purpose and with attention, calms your nervous system and brings you in to a stress free place.

A stress free you creates happy adrenals, hormone balance and an arena in your body for fat loss. Add Brazil nuts and you have happy adrenals and a happy Thyroid! 

I believe you can get through menopause symptom free. You deserve to enjoy this amazing time in your life without struggle. You just have to be willing to make simple changes such as this one.

Strength & love,


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