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There are many reasons you may want to do your exercise at home. Whether you have very little time or desire to go to a gym, like a more flexible workout schedule, or just prefer the privacy of your own home, having just a few key pieces of equipment can create a full home gym with all that’s necessary for your Hormone Friendly workouts and nothing that’s superfluous or takes up precious space.

Exercising at home can give you the same kind of variety you’d get in an exercise class. In just a small area of your home, you can combine all kinds of bodyweight movements with these 3 simple pieces of equipment to add intensity, sculpt and tone muscle, and have some fun doing it.


1. Kettlebell

Using just one kettlebell is the simplest way to

  • add variety to your workout,
  • build core, back, and hip strength,
  • do cardio intervals without impact,
  • develop and tone lean muscle.

All you need is one kettlebell. I recommend your first kettlebell be at least 15lbs. Most of my women clients use a 15, 20, or 25lb. kettlebell. You can find them here with free shipping.

Exercises to do with kettlebells can be seen in this video:

Mercola’s Simple Kettlebell Techniques

YouTube Preview Image

2. Dumbbells

No Hormone Friendly home gym is complete without a set of dumbbells. I recommend 3 sets of dumbbells. Any brand is fine. It doesn’t matter what they look like, what color they are, or if they are new or old. One set of each – light (3-5lbs.), medium (8-10lbs.), and heavy (12-20lbs) is all you need. You can get the brand I use here.

Dumbbells in your home gym will help you

  • add tons of variety to your workout,
  • add resistance to your bodyweight exercises,
  • develop and tone overall lean muscle,
  • challenge and strengthen your smaller, stabilizing and postural muscles.

As you get stronger, you’ll both learn the right weight for your body and you’ll eventually want to challenge yourself with a heavier weight. But don’t worry, you can get tons of workout variety with a simple set of light, medium, and heavy dumbbells so you won’t have to rush out for a full set any time soon.

Exercises using dumbbells/bodyweight can be seen in this video:

Hormone Friendly Strength Training Workout

YouTube Preview Image

3. Foam Roller

The foam roller is often overlooked or unfamiliar. But if you’ve ever been to a chiropractor, physical therapist, or really great personal trainer, you’ve most likely been introduced to one of the most important pieces equipment you’ll have for your home gym. Especially if you have knee, hip, upper or lower back pain or just lack of overall mobility in your joints.

It’s basically a self-massager. A really deep tissue self-massager that loosens up tight muscles and helps your body move the way it should – pain free.

Foam rollers

  • increase blood flow to your muscles,
  • loosen up tight muscles,
  • mobilizes stiff joints,
  • relieves upper and lower back, hip and knee pain,
  • help keep you injury free.

You can find my favorite foam roller here.

This a great video to show you how to use your foam roll:

Foam Roller Techniques with Jill Rodriguez

YouTube Preview Image

And there you have it! A Hormone Friendly home gym doesn’t have to be fancy to get started. A little goes a very long way as you will see in videos I’ll post in the future. Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel so you don’t miss when I post a new workout.

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