7-Day Slim Down


It’s always jeans season…7DaySlimDown-book

and amidst the beautiful colors, crunchy leaves, & pumpkin spice, there’s an event more scary than a haunted house on Halloween…

trying on last year’s jeans!

There’s nothing more annoying than the feeling of your belly hang over the waistband or worse…not being able to zip them up! 

I know that before you head out to watch your favorite football team, you’re mercilessly trying to squeeze into last year’s jeans, irritated by the “abundance”  because the same thing always happened to me!

Fortunately, I was saved from that annual disappointment this year because I was introduced to the Paleo way of eating.  Paleo nutrition, sometimes called The Paleo Diet, Paleo Solution, or Primal something or other, changed my life, health, & body.  I wrote all about it in my post called, My Name Is Jill, I Do CrossFit.  

The basis of eating ‘Paleo’ is to eat fresh, real foods and eliminate troublesome foods such as sugar, alcohol, and anything that requires processing.  It’s deemed ‘Paleo’ because it mimics our ancestors diet in the Paleolithic period of cultural humanity.

One of the immediate benefits I saw from eliminating the troublesome foods was my belly disappeared.

In 3 days.

AND all my clients who were willing to pop on to this Paleo Bandwagon with me, experienced the same thing. 

So I did the only thing I know how to do…find a way to help you do it too! 

I created the Slim Down To Zip Up! 7-Day Fat Loss Plan.  It’s a complete, done-for-you Paleo Nutrition & Workout, plan so you can
have the same belly flattening results.  

In the plan, I give you

  • exactly what to eat and
  • exactly how to workout 

so you can fit in to your favorite jeans in just 1 week.

I know you will flatten your belly in just a few days with the right foods and right exercise plan and I will get you started instantly as many of my clients have, if you are willing to do something a little out of the ordinary.

Try an Online diet & workout  plan.  

My online, downloadable Slim Down To Sip Up! 7-day fat loss plan comes with my personal coaching via email for the entire 7 days.  You don’t even have to leave your home and you’ll get my expert coaching and support.

“After 3 days of cutting out grains and dairy, my belly went down.  I think I’m definitely allergic to dairy.  I’m gonna keep going.  If I can feel this good in just 3 days, I’m in.  Thanks, Jill!” ~ Anne Casey

You will not be restricting calories, drinking magic teas, or cooking time consuming recipes. It’s just EASY to follow food assembly and workouts that you can do at home or in your gym for one easy breezy week.

You will be eliminating trouble foods that cause your belly to puff up, out, and cascade over your favorite jeans such as the Top 3 Fat Loss Sabotageurs 

1.  Whole Grains

2. Dairy

3. Legumes

and you’ll have instant access to 4 New Workout Videos,

  • Fat Burning 50 HIIT
  • Forever 21 Abs
  • Slim Down Strength 1 & 2

I won’t lie, the intensity & volume of these workouts is as if you are competing in Miss Bikini Universe.  But it’s energizing and like I tell my clients, “It doesn’t have to be EASY to be FUN!”  You’ll work HARD but you’ll feel accomplished, like you’re finally taking control & detoxing the annoying belly fat out of your body.  Do you have bikini model determination to get rid of your belly?  

Are you in? 

“I cannot believe that after just one week, my pooch doesn’t hang over the waistband of my workout pants!” ~ Susie Goldberg

Strength & Love,



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