Dining out without freaking out


It’s common for my Weight Loss Coaching clients to tell me they eat perfectly and Hormone Friendly at home but then freak out and don’t know what to eat when they go out so end up eating something “bad,” “boring,” or worse, decline social invitations because they don’t want to “ruin” their hormone balance.


The guidelines in this post are exactly the ones I use and give to my private clients. I hope they’ll be a game changer for you so you can go out feeling excited and empowered to explore new food and enjoy great company knowing you’re still balancing your hormones.

1. Focus on the whole experience

Set your intentions to stay present. It’s time to focus on enjoyment and focus on the whole experience of dining. When you focus on the pleasure aspect of dining and sharing time with other humans, you create natural calmness. This natural calmness is exactly what’s needed for a hormone friendly metabolism.

2. Routine is habit forming

One of my Hormone Friendly techniques is to learn and explore how food affects your individual body. Once you know, the foods you can eat become your routine. Therefore you will be drawn to the foods on the menu which are most common to the ones you choose regularly. For example, I eat tons of veggies with a little protein and don’t eat dairy so I am drawn to menu items which are closest to my veggie-protein-no-dairy routine.

3. Veggies first

Choose an item off the menu with the most veggies. This does not have to be a salad but that’s certainly an option.

4. Protein 

For meat eaters, vegetarians, and vegans alike, going for an item with protein is also top priority both at home and eating out. Having protein in your meal will help you to feel satiated. When you feel satiated, you’re less likely to over eat or over indulge on poor quality food sans good nutrients.

5. Fat

Fat is probably what you’ll have the least control over. If your concerned about quality, ask. Choose to add olive oil or side of avocado so you know you have good quality fat in your meal.

6. Chew

In support of guideline one to focus on the whole experience, chewing slowly helps digestion, enhances pleasure and metabolism. It truly leaves you more satisfied with your meal.

So, no more freaking out, K?

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