Don’t shy away from this fat burning exercise!


Nearly every Pinterest workout’s got them…

Burpees seem to be the go-to, most challenging exercise everyone loves to hate and there’s good reason. They’re hard to do. But they wouldn’t be worth doing if they didn’t have great benefits.

In this video I filmed for Mercola Peak Fitness, I will teach you 3 versions of Burpees for all fitness levels that are both doable if you’re new to them and challenging to even the most fit.

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Some of the benefits of Burpees are:

  • You don’t need any equipment
  • They work legs, butt, arms, back, and abs all at the same time
  • They increase your cardio capacity
  • They are great for Hormone Friendly Cardio circuits
  • They burn 50% more fat than traditional cardio
  • They train getting down and getting up off the floor skills (don’t want to lose those!)

All of these benefits make a Burpee a perfect exercise for a Hormone Friendly workout.

Try this Simple Hormone Friendly Burpee Workout

3 Burpees, rest for :30-:60 seconds, repeat for 5 rounds.


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