Ease Knee Pain With Self-Massage

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Equipment:  Tennis Ball & Foam Roller

If you exercise regularly and if you exercise intensely, you will get tight muscles.  To keep the integrity of your tissues, joints, and movements, you will want to give yourself some healing time with self-massage on the foam roller and with your tennis ball.

With these Self-Massage Techniques you can…

  1. Create smooth movement patterns
  2. Recover your muscles & joints
  3. Release muscle and joint pain
  4. Treat IT Band Syndrome, Tendonitis, and Plantar Fascitis
  5. Relieve sciatica
  6. Increase flexibility
  7. Give you pleasure

For the best results, do these Self-Massages To Ease Knee Pain every day.

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2 Responses to Ease Knee Pain With Self-Massage

Denise Wakeman

Another great video, Jill. I love using a tennis ball on to massage my feet. Question about massaging the calf: I recently ripped a muscle in my calf and am experiencing pain when I jog (so I’m doing more walking). Is the calf massage on the foam roller helpful for a torn muscle or will it aggravate it more?



    Thank you, Denise. I am sorry to hear about your injury. I know how much running is a part of your livelihood and fitness routine. Hang in there!

    Great question about foam rolling on an injury. Foam rolling on your injured calf muscle will be too aggressive. It can cause more inflammation to the injured area. While bringing circulation to the area via massage from a professional or gentle self-massage with your hands can be healing, you don’t want to tear more muscle fibers in the process. This is true for any injury.

    I suggest RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression or gentle self-massage, Elevation). If you do not notice improvement in a few weeks, see a physical therapist.

    Best of luck, Denise. I always appreciate your comments & questions.

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