6 Secrets for Fast Body Shaping Results


Hey there,

Today, I’ve got 6 essential guidelines to

  • tone your body,
  • get lean, and
  • lose body fat!

When you are following these guidelines 100% you will see results. 

When you want to look different, be different, and be ready for life instead of getting ready, you’ll want to focus on honing in to all 6 essential guidelines below.  

1.  You must eat to lose  

Make a commitment to eating small meals every 2-4 hours to keep your metabolism simmering your fat burning potential. This is a must for fat loss and retaining lean muscle.  If you’ve heard this before but are not doing it, check in with your motivations.  If you need help setting goals and finding your deepest reason why you want to look and feel your best, click here for guidelines to help get you there.

2.  Each meal must consist of Healthy Fats, Protein & Fiber Filled Carbs  

Healthy Fats are nuts, seeds, olive oil, avocado, or fish oil supplement, lean proteins may come from meat, legumes, or a protein powder supplement and, fiber filled carbs are fruits and vegetables.  

3.  Starch Filled carbs after your workout only.  

Your body can best digest and utilize the energy from starch filled carbs after exercise.  Include a serving of starch filled carbs after your workout by choosing sweet potatoes, legumes and beans, cereals, rice, grains, and breads.  Be sure to choose only the whole grain variety.

4.  Know your portion sizes.  

You’ll notice, as many of my clients have, that eating consistently throughout the day will force you to eat smaller portions. Surprisingly, smaller portions to most of us is what’s considered a serving size.  Follow these guidelines:

Healthy fats – the size of 1 die, or 7-10 nuts (check serving sizes of nuts on the package)

Protein – the size of a woman’s palm (2 palm sizes is a serving for men)

Fiber Filled Carbs – 1/2 cup

5.  Lifting  Weights = Fat Loss.   

As we age, we lose muscle.  The decrease in muscle mass plays a major role in slowing our metabolism.  But that does not have to be the case!  No matter what your age, the only way to a lean, svelte figure is to weight train.  

6.  Do the right kind of cardio.  

Unless you are training for an endurance event, the BEST kind of exercise for Fat Loss is Interval Strength Training. Interval Strength Training combines timed intervals of exercises using weights or just your body weight and rest.

Strength & Love,







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