Got arm flab? Tone it up with my secret weapon!


Just about every one of my new clients come to their first session and say, “I’ve got to get rid of my arm flab!” Actually, they usually say something much worse like “bingo wings,” and I cringe. 

So I’m going to share with you, the secret weapon I use with my private clients to firm up the backs of your arms and burn off the flabbiness. 

Presenting, The Arm Burner!

The arm burner is a series of arm exercises designed to target the under arm trouble area by using light weights and many repetitions. The key is to do all 3 rounds of the exercises without stopping to get your muscles burning. This routine is to be used in addition to your regular weight lifting routine. In fact, you can do the Arm Burner everyday.

Arm Burner Still Shot

The Arm Burner

3 Rounds 

6 Front Raises
6 Side Raises
6 Overhead Presses
6 Overhead Triceps Extensions
6 Bent Over Triceps Extensions

Click here for the Arm Burner video

Listen to what my client, Jan has to say about her Hormone Friendly Arm Burner experience…

“My hormone balance has definitely improved which is very important to me and my friends are impressed that I wear sleeveless tops because my arms are very toned for a 60 year-old woman.” – Jan

One last thing about the arm burner. You’ll definitely tone your arm muscles with these exercises ant it’s a great start but the only way you can lose extra arm fat is by eating a Hormone Friendly diet in addition to your exercise.  

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