Hormone Friendly Herbal Remedies


In my former life, think 20-year old Jill, I was a 90’s, hippie revival flower child, Fine Art major who loved science and lifting weights.

At that time, I geeked out on spirituality, art and killer workouts. After a solid VHS session with Cindy Crawford, I’d run 5 miles then nosh on organic whole wheat pasta or some kind of vegetarian curry from the Enchanted Broccoli Forest.

I miss that version of me even though I like my current self SO much better. She’s wildly more informed on many levels and the world seems to be more open to spiritual exercisers.

I’m excited and a clearly a little nostalgic about getting to know myself again as I journey in to the peri-menopausal years of remembering and redefining who I am.  

I’m still loving on art and spirituality as well as my desire for a healthy, fit physique and I came across these Herbal Remedies/Self-Care Rituals from my days of old. They are timeless, hormone balancing and perfect to uplift your spirit during the winter season.


Essential Oil Bath

For better sleep and to soothe achy muscles and joints, an essential oil bath is perfect to warm yourself from the outside in. I notice when I wind down for the night with a bath and medicinal oils, my sleep is so much more sound.

Draw a bath and add 3-6 drops of essential oil to the water just as you’re getting in. Some good warming choices for winter are rose, sage or eucalyptus.

Hot Herbal Tea

A mug of chamomile or rose hips tea is extremely soothing and calming. Sitting down with a hot cup of herbal tea is a perfect self-care practice and opportunity for presence. Remember slowing down and being present is one of our hormone friendly strategies to keep cortisol levels low. 

Medicinal Kerchief

The gray days of winter can leave even the most happy people wishing for brighter days. Positive thoughts and deep cleansing breaths help relieve the stress of the season, keep stress hormone levels down and boost happy serotonin and dopamine bliss.

When you need a boost of positivity, add a few drops of lavender, lemon balm or bergamot essential oil to a kerchief. Hold the kerchief to your nose and sniff with a deep inhale and exhale with a smile.

AHHHH…just sharing those with you makes me FEEL good! 

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