I wish I had known this in the beginning…


When I first started searching for answers to lose my excess, hormone related weight I gained a few years ago, I felt really discouraged.

I truly felt that I had turned the corner in to an older woman’s body, certainly not my own, because everything I had known to do and everything that worked for me in the past just didn’t work anymore. Even though I was trying really hard.

Now that I’ve been on the hormone friendly journey for 4 years, I learned some hard-earned secrets I wish I had known before about why the things I did to lose weight in the past just wouldn’t work anymore and why my changing body needed something completely different. I would have been much more at peace with my body and happier in my life so much sooner!

As a weight loss coach for ‘ageless’ women just like me, my experiences are yours, and I am happy to share with you 4 little known secrets about natural weight loss I discovered that I wish I had known from the beginning.

1. Your body is not the same as it once was inside or out so you cannot treat yourself to the same kind of exercise and food aka: strenuous workouts and nutrient poor diets. You’ve had years upon years of stressful build up from pushing your body’s limits with exercise or very little exercise, depriving your body of essential nutrients with too little food or too much junk and up until now, your hormones could handle it. A more realistic, hormone friendly approach is what you need now.

2. There’s no such thing as a workout program you stop doing. My old mentality had me working out harder and more when I had a special occasion to attend and the rest of my workout life was sprinkled with starts and stops. Now your workout program is truly about respect and caring for your body and should remain consistent from now until forever. 

3. Being everything for everybody is killing you. This is a very complex subject. My clients struggle with this one the most. Our days are jammed packed with responsibilities and we are always the last on the list for self-care. I’m a single mom, I get it. But now, your life depends on how well you manage your stress. Regular down time and pleasure are essential for happiness, hormone balance, and longevity. 

4. Food is not just your friend, it’s your medicine.  Back in the 70’s and 80’s we were all afraid to eat for fear of getting fat and let me tell you, these old habits are hard to break. How wonderful for us, that science tells us once again to eat real, un-adulterated food for health and weight loss. Real food, without added sweetener or chemicals naturally balances hormones.  

If any of this resonated for you, then you, my friend, would thrive in Reclaim Your Youthful Figure, my 90-Day 1-on-1 coaching for women who want weight loss support and guidance for their changing body and very unique life.

If you’re ready to jumpstart your ageless body with hormone friendly exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle that fits YOUR life, book a session with me here.

Strength & Love,

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