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This week I am wickedly excited to be featured on the world’s number one health and wellness website –! 

My personal training journey, my work with the Mercola wellness team, and a few Practical Ways to Improve Your Physical Activity is featured on the main Mercola website as a “Fitness Friday with Jill!” story and I’d love to share it with you.

Click here to read more and watch my video.

It’s such an honor to be featured as part of the incredibly progressive, global health and wellness, trailblazing team at…and to see where the past 11-years as a fitness trainer has taken me so far!


From running mom and baby bootcamp classes in the park back when my son was small enough to fit in a jogging stroller to now training people from all over the world from my computer through Hormone Friendly Fitness™ online programs of my own and those of Dr. Mercola’s…it’s pretty wild to think about where I am today when all I did was go for my dreams, making a difference one healthy person at a time!

I hope you enjoy my video about my work, my thoughts on exercise and working with…

Click here to read more and watch my video.

Strength & Love,


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