3 Tips To Bust Sugar Cravings


Sugar is not hormone friendly.

When your body is too busy processing sugar, your sex hormones, the ones which regulate body fat use for fuel, among many other processes, take a back seat.

I always keep this in mind when choosing a sugary treat and so should you.

But don’t get scared in to thinking you have to give up sugar entirely. It’s a great idea to do this for an extended period of time but for today, I would like to help you relax, get curious, and excited to make hormone friendly changes to your diet without panic and worry with 3 Tips To Bust Sugar Cravings.

1. Get psyched to get rid of it!

Making changes to your food is not for the weak. You must want to be healthy and free from food addiction WAY more than staying addicted.

In my case, I am done with and over my hormones ruling my body and moods. I am super psyched about being in control of my body and happiness that I’m fully committed.

I want my goals more than my sugar.

If you’re not sure if making a big change is what you truly want to do, honor that. Don’t force yourself. Do it when you’re ready. 

You’ll know. 

When your so sick and tired of being sick and tired or when you are so super excited to change your health that neither a chocolate chip cookie or person tempting you with a chocolate chip cookie can keep you from that goal, you’re ready.

2. Grab a buddy

When I first started CrossFit, I was amazed at all the healthy people with athlete mindsets around food. I was so inspired by them. When I did my first fitness challenge which involved ditching sugar for six weeks, I had accountability partners. We shared recipes, tips, worked out together and stayed excited together.  

Working with a group like ours in the Hormone Friendly Fitness™ 30-Day Transformation or privately with a weight loss coach is a great option.

Staying positive on your own can be tough.

A shared experience is great to dissolve blocks, obstacles, and sometimes just the support you need to create breakthroughs and amazing results!

3. Get in the kitchen

I for one want to bring back the importance of spending time making food. Rushing around in our lives makes us feel we have to grab food and eat in a rush.. That kind of rushing kills motivation, squashes creativity, and it’s making us sick. 

Prioritize slowing down. Prepare fresh food. Make it meditative and devotional.

My favorite moments are making dinner with my guy or when creating crazy bacon treats with my son. 

Strong commitment to your goals is a great reason to get creative in the kitchen and find your culinary style. There’s no excuse anymore for those of you who say you can’t cook. I grew up on Campbell’s Soup and PBJ’s so if I can find out how to whip up a Hormone Friendly meal on YouTube or Pinterest so can you!

Cooking for yourself and or someone you love is an incredible gift and beautiful expression of self-care. {Tweet that for me!}

Strength & Love,






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