Rituals To Fire Up Your Metabolism


As I’ve been working with 10 new women in my Hormone Friendly™ Holiday Intensives, the questions I’ve been hearing from participants got me thinking about easy, foundational rituals you can do before you hop in to a New Year of weight loss goals.

With that in mind, here are a few easy rituals to start priming your digestive system for hormone balance, releasing extra weight, bloat and that overall lethargic feeling from eating holiday foods our body is not used to.


Drink Water

It’s wild to me how obvious this is yet how many of my clients forget. Are you a forgetter? You must drink water – even before you’re thirsty! Drinking water, at the very least, cleans out the toxins that are flooding in from excess holiday treats. You want those things out of your body ASAP, and water is the key!

Drink half your body weight in ounces of purified water every day.

Prioritize Plants

Epecially the green ones. In fact, have green plants at each meal. The more ALIVE your food, the more ALIVE your body.

Plants are stress-free food your body knows what to do with therefore creates hormone balance. They are also high in fiber which your body needs for adequate elimination/toxin release. In addition, they reduce inflammation, heal the digestive track, relieve constipation, strengthen bones, enhance brain function, and strengthen your overall immune system.

Half, if not more, of each of your meals throughout the day should consist of plants. Try adding them to shakes and soups.

Fatten Up

To keep your metabolism firing and your blood sugar levels steady for hormone balance, you have to eat fat. Healthy fat, not crappy fat from processed food and food-like products.

Healthy Fats are found in foods such as fish, nuts, seeds, coconut, avocado, and olives. These are essential to most of your body’s functions plus hormone balance, weight loss, energy levels (so important!), moods and brain health.

If you’re worried about eating fat, as most of us coming of age during the Fat-Free insanity of the 80’s are, have a minimum of one tablespoon of fat at each meal, more if you’re active and if you’re extremely concerned about what one serving of fat is equal to, there’s always Google.

Go Foraging

In these times of convenience, our human body misses out on the ‘search’ for food and provisions. This is one of the reasons for the unhealthy state and excess weight we humans are exhibiting in this day.

I like to call your daily walk, “going foraging.”

Foraging, or walking, has so many benefits beyond any extra calories you may burn in the process. In fact, don’t think about calories at all. Think of the positive metabolic effects from increased circulation from moving your muscles and bones, from fresh air inhaling and exhaling, from the regular practice of taking time for yourself, the way your human body was meant to. 

Go foraging, preferably outside for 15-minutes minimum each day. Bundle up if need be, you’ll survive. You’ll thrive actually!

Strength & Love!


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