Sugar you can get away with…


People like to say things like “everything in moderation!”

They especially like to say that to me when they learn I’m a weight loss coach. It comes out more like a question in need of more information, “everything in moderation…right?” or a combative statement as if they have it all figured out, “everything in moderation…obviously!”

As if we can simplify the answer to weight loss or years of metabolic damage in to a catch phrase.

That means something different to everybody wouldn’t you say? To me everything in moderation means that I can eat twinkies a few times a week and I can eat salads a few times a week. That’s moderation, yes? I’m sure it means something completely different to you.

So how much sugar is enough to get away with to still lose weight, not completely blow our chances at having a better body or sabotage hormone balance?

After two years of taking my private clients through advanced sugar detoxes, I can tell you hands down, eliminating sugar will get you results. You will lose body fat, your energy levels will rise naturally, your skin will improve, aches and pains can magically disappear, and just about every health ailment will improve and then some.

But you want to get away with eating some sugar right? Birthday cakes, ice cream parlor visits, Friday night wine, chocolate after a great day or a bad day. That’s fun! Here’s the thing, our typical diet has sugar in EVERYTHING.

  • Sugar in our coffee
  • Sugar in our breakfast muffin
  • Sugar in our smoothie
  • Sugar in our juice
  • Sugar in our salad dressing
  • Sugar in our deli meats
  • Sugar in our sauces and condiments
  • Sugar in our frozen convenience meals
  • …and sugar in our “in moderation’ treats

That’s more sugar than your sweet body can handle. In fact, we never really give ourselves a chance to figure out how much sugar we can get away with because we’re flooded with it all day. 

Dr. Christiane Northrup says,

“The biggest culprit for hormone problems is sugar.”
The only way to know how much sugar you can get away with is by going without it for a period of time. I suggest 30-days. That goes for any troublesome food. Eliminate it for a good period of time, then gradually introduce it back in to see how your body responds. I went off dairy several years ago. When I introduced it back in, I was literally sick for days. My result? Not in moderation. Not ever!I cannot tell you what moderation means for your body. Your body is the most powerful, least expensive, and best dietary experimentation lab in existence.

Going cold turkey for 30-days too difficult for you? Try a midway point. For my clients who have sugar cravings that cause tantrums, you can do sugar swaps until you’re ready. Sugar swaps are healthier versions of traditional sweets. Brownies for example. I have a Hormone Friendly Brownie swap recipe included in my Early Bird Bonus Bundle for the Hormone Friendly Fitness™ 30-Day Transformation. 

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