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WORKOUT :: One Piece Of Equipment

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This video One Piece Of Equipment, includes a simple routine, using just one piece of equipment, and just the exercises you need to get in a quick workout and help you firm up to feel and look your best for the warm season.

Need To Lose 10 lbs. This Month? Eat This.

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Just last month, I released an eBook called Slim Down To Zip Up that has a strong focus on “Paleo” (pronounced Pay Leo) foods and an exercise program for fast fat loss. ALL my clients that did the program lost 10 lbs and more. YES, in one week

Top 10 Weight Loss Strategies For Women in 2012


Many women make the mistake of focusing on the number on the scale, body fat calculator, or other means of measurement. While having a way to measure success is important, try consistency of actions first. These actions build on each other. When you pay attention to your daily habits, you will notice which habits serve you positively by giving you more energy and a positive outlook and which habits are negative making you feel sluggish, jittery, or low on energy.