The BEST Exercise for Hormone Balance!


There’s definitely a difference between exercising for hormone balance and age related weight gain and regular, everyday exercising.

As a former fitness trainer for women losing extra hormonal weight, I am so often asked about specific exercise for this or that.

Just a little backround…

This year, I have moved on from my fitness focus to Women’s Hormonal Health because helping women like you naturally balance hormones to have an empowering experience of being a woman in a middle-aged female body has become my passion and what I’ve been trying to teach for years is this process has GOT to be holistic.

Sure, it’s about exercise, but it’s got to include your whole life!

In answer to your questions, know this.

There is a difference between hormone friendly exercise and regular everyday exercise.

The difference is Hormone Friendly™ Exercise is low stress.

Low stress exercise is the kind that yields the hormone effect for growth and fat loss, one of the foundations for hormone balance and weight loss.

Appropriate stress from exercise is very important for hormone balance and your physical lymphatic (hormone) system. Too much stress from exercise causes surges in your stress hormones which causes hormone imbalance and too little stress from lack of exercise causes stagnation in circulation and lymph flow.

It is because of your hormones that your body holds on to fat, burns it, and drives your motivation or lack there of to lose weight. Movement of your body via exercise activates the hormone response in your body for fat loss, plus massages your lymphatic system which allows your hormones to flow freely throughout your body.

Other differences between hormone friendly exercise and everyday, random exercise is

  • You focus on getting stronger, rather than just moving
  • Your exercises mimic your everyday human movements like squatting, reaching, pulling, bending and twisting
  • There are enough of the same exercises to notice change of strength and enough variety to stay motivated
  • You use strategic timing of effort and rest
  • You appropriately stress your muscles and cardiovascular system rather than over stress them
  • You do it because you love and care for yourself not because you feel you deserve to be punished

The following are the 3 different types of exercise you should do weekly for hormone balance and weight loss in peri-menopause and beyond.  From my Hormone Friendly Starter Kit and 3-Day Meal Plan:

Lift Weights

Safely lifting appropriately heavy weights creates a hormone response to burn body fat, and has your body burning calories all day long.

Follow a systematic weight lifting program 2-3 times a week, that safely mimics everyday movements such as sitting, standing, pushing and pulling, plus encourages progress and tracking of progress.

Do appropriate cardio

We have been told doing more cardio is the way to slim and tone for women and we may have even seen temporary results doing this kind of exercise in the past.

But this kind of exercise actually contributes to the hormonal response of holding on to body fat especially in perimenopause when we have decreasing sex hormones and more sensitivity to stress hormones.

This is why many of us are holding on to extra belly fat.

From a weight loss, metabolic and hormone balancing standpoint, this type of exercise should not be your main focus.*

Hormone Friendly Cardio consists of what you may know as interval training.

Interval training is done over a very short period of time, 15-minutes or less, with rest periods in between causing appropriate stress over an appropriate period of time to tap in to metabolism change.

Move Regularly

In addition to your hormone friendly weight lifting and cardio, you just have to move more in daily life.

Movement helps balance hormones because it increases circulation.

The only way your lymphatic system, which carries away waste, can work is when the moving blood in your blood vessels pumps it along. Pump your lymph around by walking daily, taking less strenuous and enjoyable exercise classes such as dance, yoga or pilates, house work or garden work just to name some of which I personally enjoy.

I have created the Hormone Friendly™ Fitness 30-Day Transformation for the person like yourself who is doing random exercise classes without much focus on getting better or getting results.

I have programmed 4-12 weeks of strategic and hormone balancing weight lifting, cardio and movement for weight loss. With access to print outs, videos and the private online group to ask questions about form and safety.

Not only that, it includes:

  • 30-Days of meals, recipes and grocery lists
  • Video training about hormone balance and weight loss
  • Audio relaxation recordings to lower cortisol and allow for a replenishing weight loss experience
  • Sleep hygiene and a
  • plan for Self-care

Learn more about the program here >> Hormone Friendly™ 30-Day Transformation 


I’ve lost 10 pounds and feel great in my clothes!  My life is so much easier and streamlined on this program. Shopping for food, exercising and just getting through my busy day is effortless due to following your plan. I haven’t had any desire for sugar and this is HUGE! I’ve carved out time for myself, I’m feeling strong and LOVING LIFE! I feel great, energized, I’m sleeping and waking up feeling rested. I’m really enjoying trying all the new recipes. – Carole Acosta

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