The BEST Spring Detox! …approved by Yours Truly :)


Around this time every year, Everyone wants to detox!

Why not?

If you Spring Clean your house, you should

Spring Clean your body!

 I for one, feel like I could use a fresh start to “air” out all that’s been bound and settled in my body over the winter. Personally, I think it’s a fantastic idea.  

Spring time is the next fresh start after the New Year’s weight loss vows.  

If you know me and my weight loss philosophy at all, I am a huge proponent of eating real food for weight loss.  Commercial Detox Programs that require you to buy powders and capsules to “detox” are not what I recommend.  

It just seems unnatural…doesn’t it?

Detox time is not the time to bring synthetic or processed anything into your diet NOR is it a time to exclude important nutrients such as protein as many juice cleanses do.   

I think the best way to cleanse your body from the inside is with a REAL and WHOLE food program that leaves out all processed food and ingredients…mainly


If you are psyched about Spring Cleaning your body from the inside with real food and if you’re interested in taking your

Slim Down To Zip Up

Program to the next level,
my recommended Go-To-Detox program is the

 21 Day Sugar Detox.

I HIGHLY recommend this detox.  

There is no starvation involved and every one of my clients have been flabbergasted by the amount of sugar they consume and how incredibly energized they feel when they’re done.  ALL of them have continued on the program even after the 21 Days…
Check it out the program, what others have to say, and the built in support system! 

The 21-Day Sugar Detox
Be sure to let me know when you’re going to start so I can support you 🙂

Strength & Love,

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