The Space Between Acceptance & Progress

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I’m a yoga girl at heart.

In yoga, there is no arriving at a goal, the journey is the practice.  Progress in flexibility is made and progress in self-awareness can happen for sure but striving is not usually the goal.

While I like to live every area of my life with this philosophy, it’s a conflicting concept in my business of weight loss. I have clients who want results.

I’ve had discussions and question my yoga community about this subject a lot.  My questions are,

“Is it possible to blend the yogic concept of the journey in my workout programs?”

“How can I stress the importance of the journey with my weight loss clients who try so hard to accomplish their goals?”

Here’s what I’ve come up with so far,

For you, on your weight loss journey, there must be goals declared and observable progress made.  But before we start, your mindset must change.

The first place to start on a weight loss journey is acceptance of where you are right now. tweet

The second place to start is to change the acceptance to appreciation or what I like to call self-love.  A mentor of mine, Jason Seib, author of The Paleo Coach, says it like this, “You can’t change a body you hate.”  So true.

I’ve seen clients make amazing changes to both their health and body only to stay cranky, unappreciative, and ultimately unaware of the progress they made.  You know what happens then?  They stop the journey only to begin again when weight creeps back on.

Has this ever happened to you?  It’s happened to me.  I just recently saw an old photo of myself at what I considered, at the time, to be lean, fit, and training hard. The only thing I could remember about that time in my life was that I was cranky.  All the time!  That’s no way to live. So what good was all my hard work?

I can’t work like that anymore.  I won’t do that to you.  So I changed my philosophy.

I’ve compiled a few tips I use with my clients.  I no longer announce the process.  I call it, sneaking in the medicine with the workouts.

Begin each workout with the intention of healing your body from the inside out.  With every breath you take, or huff and puff that occurs, remind yourself that you’re truly healing your body with movement, increasing circulation and breathing in oxygen to flush out the tired, crankiness and build in the strong, happiness.

Look forward to your workout sessions.  See them as an opportunity for growth and positive change.

Eat food that scrubs your insides clean.  Real, whole, minimally processed foods are life giving and happy making.  Processed, garbage food clogs your insides and makes you cranky.

Note when you’re obsessing about your goals. Patience is a virtue.  Remember you are taking necessary steps in self-care.  Stop, breathe, smile.

Every healthy choice is the ultimate self-care.  Self-care is a journey.  There is no end.  You do not arrive at self-care but through self-care, you’ll wake up one day having reached your goals.

It’s my hope for you that the self-care journey to weight loss will distract you with happiness so when you do notice you’ve reached your goals, the journey continues.

Strength & Love,






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Stephenie Zamora

I LOVE THIS. And it’s so true. It’s the most frustrating thing to hear when you’re in a space of obsession or stress around weight loss, but being on the other side of it all, I know how true it is. xo

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