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Shift your Hormones in to Effortless Weight Loss!

Ready to have a lighter experience of your female body?


Do you feel like it’s gotten harder and harder to lose weight as you get older?

Do you feel like you’re eating right, maybe even gluten-free or all organic, and exercising as much as you can only to lose a few pounds and gain it back after a single weekend of simply relaxing?

Do you suspect your hormones are totally working against you?


You KNOW how to lose weight. You may even enjoy learning about nutrition and holistic health. But the diets, programs and exercise you’re doing now are not paying off, not even a little.

You want your body back. YOU WANT YOUR YOUTHFUL FIGURE BACK, your spark, energy and a solid night’s sleep would be nice, wouldn’t it? But figuring out what to do about the new changes in your body and this new weight gain is leaving you stumped.


I’m Jill Rodriguez

a Women’s Hormonal Health and Weight Loss Coach

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I’ve been where you are right now…

It’s embarrassing, actually. Here I was, a 40 year-old personal trainer helping middle aged women lose weight and get fit, when seemingly over night, I was 15 pounds heavier. Then I was 20 pounds heavier and then I was past my pregnancy weight. It was like my body turned on me.

So I did what I had always done, I ate less and exercised more, but this time, NOTHING changed.

I struggled for years with symptoms of slowly creeping weight gain, sleeplessness, irritability, hair loss, breast tenderness, and irregular periods. It wasn’t until I shifted my focus to hormone imbalances that I FINALLY got back to being lean, energized and feeling awesome (like myself!) again.

Today, my life is completely different.

Since becoming a Women’s Hormonal Health and Weight Loss Coach, seeking out metors and experts in hormones and habit change. testing my knowledge, hormones and nutrition… I’ve learned to approach everything I do in my life and work, in a Hormone Friendly way.

I lost 20 pounds without feeling like I was being punished. I don’t struggle with what diet to follow or the newest fad workout and I’m not looking for the next best program anymore.

What I learned and now deeply understand is, bringing your unique hormone imbalances back to harmony, shifts you back to being lean, energized and awesome.


Working with me as your hormonal health and weight loss coach, you’ll learn which of the 8 hormone imbalances you have and SHIFT THESE SPECIFIC HORMONE IMBALANCES WITH TARGETED NUTRITION, SUPPLEMENTS, AND UNIQUE DESIGN FOR YOUR LIFESTYLE . You’ll be able to enjoy the freedom of your lean, energized and awesome self again.

Here’s what you can expect to change:


  • Being 20 or more pounds overweight to losing it in 3 months and keeping it off
  • Struggling with cravings to happily choosing foods for hormone balance
  • Being clueless about your out of whack hormones to complete clarity
  • Shifting your metabolism from sugar burning to fat burning
  • Food confusion to relief in know which foods to eat for hormone balance
  • Buying random supplements to choosing the right ones and knowing how long to take them
  • Having a closet full of clothes that don’t fit to filling it with new, cute clothes that look amazing on you!
  • Staying in because your tired and unmotivated to happily going out and being social
  • Denying your partner’s advances to feeling ooh la la sexy and letting them know it!
  • Feeling like your best years are behind you to feeling like you’ve never felt or looked as good as you do now!



carol-a-testimonial-graphic“I’ve lost 10 pounds so far and feel great in my clothes! I really love the way my clothes fit now. My life is so much easier and streamlined on this program. Shopping for food, exercising and just getting through my busy day is effortless due to following your plan. I haven’t had any desire for sugar and this is HUGE! I’ve carved out time for myself, I’m feeling strong and LOVING LIFE! I feel great, energized, I’m sleeping and waking up feeling rested.” CAROL


I knew blood sugar levels and stress were important to manage for weight loss but I didn’t know how sensitivity to these things show up and shift as we age.

I couldn’t SEE my blood sugar or MEASURE stress so it was easy to blow off.

Hormone balancing food, supplements and lifestyle change are essential to losing weight. Before I learned this, my thoughts were stressful, the “healthy” foods I ate were stressful, and the crazy exercise choices I made were stressful and this not only stopped me from losing the 20 extra pounds, I was in very real danger of gaining even more and feeling even worse about it.


How to design my life while watching my clients transform their bodies and lives when they had felt losing weight was impossible for them.

In my Reclaim Your Youthful Figure™ program you will:

✓    Learn the exact steps to take to change YOUR unique body from where it is now to, TONED, SLIM and YOUTHFUL.

    Learn the Hormone Friendly™ Method, my proven process to help you move beyond confusion with exercise and food to get the results you want.

    Receive one-on-one Hormone Friendly mentoring tailored to your unique, changing, body and psychology.

    Learn how to feel more connected to and more confident in your perfectly changing body.

✓    Regain your energy, motivation and youthfulness!

Here’s a closer look at what you’ll get in the program:

    First phone assessment and consultation (via phone or Skype) of your weight loss history including diet, exercise, lifestyle, and pertinent medical history.

    10 weekly 50 minute phone coaching sessions (over 3-4 months), accountability check-ins, mindset coaching and action plans for you to stay on track or make adjustments on your journey. These sessions may also be used for virtual personal training if you desire.

    Step-by-step and tailored food plan for hormone balance.

   Guidelines for portion sizes, when to eat, and how to choose or create hormone friendly recipes.

✓    Email support between sessions.

   Advanced Transformational Coaching techniques to help you update your habits and put an end to self-sabotaging behavior. These are life changers!

   A future plan to keep you on track to reaching your goals and maintaining your new youthful figure.

If you’re ready and committed to reclaiming your youthful figure, then I invite you to talk to me over a no pressure phone call to chat more about what you want for your body and life and how we can work together to achieve that.

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“I’ve lost 20 pounds working with Jill. My body has changed and I’m in the best shape of my life!” TINUKE


My program is for you if:

✓    You’re noticing weight gain like never before and feel like you’re at the mercy of out of control hormones. 

✓    You’ve tried the weight loss thing by yourself one too many times and failed (rather the system failed you) and you really just need someone to support, lead, and hold you accountable as you learn how to take each step to success.

✓    You’re willing to try new techniques, even if they bring up fears or old wounds and are willing to be coached through them.

    You’re willing to have patience and faith that a new positive mindset will help you get hormone friendly and in a better body and life while you’re taking each step forward.

✓    You’re a powerful, educated woman successful in many areas of your life except this weight loss part.

✓    You’d like to free up your time and energy on things you love and making a difference in the world rather than obsessing about food and calories or miles run and workouts completed. 

My program is NOT for you if:


✘   You’re unwilling to look at the possibility of some foods you love being health culprits and possibly the reason for hormone related weight gain.

✘   You’re unwilling to look at the possibility of routine sacrifices of your time may be literally draining you of life and keeping the weight on.

If you’re ready to transform your body and step in to a new mindset, invest in yourself and really show up for yourself, then my Reclaim Your Youthful Figure™ program is for you…



Payment Plan: $1000 USD/month for 3months

Find out if this program is right for you in a free Hormone Friendly Breakthrough Session!


Betseycircle“What I really love about this whole hormone friendly journey is that I’m learning to fall in love with myself for the first time ever, and undo years of abusive behavior that I mistook for caring about my appearance”.” Betsey