Shift your Hormones in to Effortless Weight Loss!

Do you feel like it’s gotten harder and harder to lose weight as you get older?

Do you feel like you’re eating right, maybe even gluten-free or all organic, and exercising as much as you can only to lose a few pounds and gain it back after a single weekend of simply relaxing?

Maybe it’s your hormones totally working against you?

You KNOW how to lose weight

You may even enjoy learning about nutrition and holistic health. But the diets, programs and exercise you’re doing now are not paying off, not even a little.

You want your body back

YOU WANT YOUR YOUTHFUL FIGURE BACK, your spark, energy and a solid night’s sleep would be nice, wouldn’t it? But figuring out what to do about the new changes in your body and this new weight gain is leaving you stumped.


I’m Jill Rodriguez

a Women’s Hormonal Health and Weight Loss Coach

I’ve been where you are right now…

A few yeas ago, after turning 40, I was working as a personal trainer helping middle aged women lose weight and get fit, when seemingly over night, I was 15 pounds heavier. Then I was 20 pounds heavier and when I was past my pregnancy weight, I felt like my body had turned on me.

So I did what I had always done, I ate less and exercised more, but this time, NOTHING changed.

I struggled for years with symptoms of slowly creeping weight gain, sleeplessness, irritability, hair loss, breast tenderness, and irregular periods. It wasn’t until I shifted my focus to my hormone imbalances that I FINALLY got back to being lean, energized and feeling beautifully grounded (like myself!) again.Since becoming a Women’s Hormonal Health and Weight Loss Coach, seeking out mentors and experts in hormones and habit change, applying my knowledge with myself and clients… I’ve learned to approach everything I do in my life and work, in a Hormone Friendly way.

I lost 20 pounds in 3-months without feeling like I was being punished. I don’t struggle with what diet to follow or the newest fad workout and I’m not looking for the next best program anymore.

What I learned and now deeply understand is, bringing your unique hormone imbalances back to harmony, shifts you in to being lean, energized and grounded in your female body.


Working with me as your Hormonal Health and Weight Loss Coach, you’ll learn which of the 8 most common hormone imbalances in women that you have and SHIFT THESE SPECIFIC HORMONE IMBALANCES WITH TARGETED NUTRITION, SUPPLEMENTS, AND UNIQUE DESIGN FOR YOUR LIFESTYLE . You’ll be able to enjoy freedom in your lean, energized and most awesome self.

Here’s what you can expect to change:


  • Losing 20 or more pounds in 3 months, going from overweight to naturally slim
  • Happily choosing foods for hormone balance, rather than struggling with cravings
  • Clarity and focus around what’s going on, instead of clueless about your out of whack hormones
  • Shifting your metabolism to fat burning, instead of endless sugar burning
  • knowing which foods to eat for hormone balance, rather than simply ‘eating clean’
  • Choosing the right supplements and knowing how long to take them, instead of buying a bunch of randoms and taking them sporadically
  • A closet full of cute clothes that look amazing on you, instead of clothes that depress you and don’t fit anymore
  • Happily going out and being social, instead of staying in because you feel tired and unmotivated
  • Feeling turned on, feminine and sexy, rather than denying your partner’s advances
  • Feeling like you’ve never felt or looked as good as you do now! Instead of feeling like your best years are behind you



>> In-depth Hormone Imbalance Questionnaires, to find out which hormone imbalances are keeping you from losing weight and which foods, supplements, exercise and lifestyle decisions you’ll thrive on.

>> In-depth welcome packet, for me to get to know you so much better, and so I can bring your true desires, struggles and background in to each of your coaching sessions

>> 1 x 90 min. Kick Off Call, the first session is all about questionnaire analysis and choosing which hormone friendly strategies you’ll begin with. ($500 value)

>> 1 x 90 min. Mindset Workshop, we’ll use advanced coaching techniques to clear any limiting beliefs or objections to losing weight which have sabotaged your efforts in the past. ($500 value)

>> 10 x 45 Min. Coaching Calls, so that we can dive deep, and implement the changes in nutrition, mindset or lifestyle needed with guidance and accountability to get results ($1197)

>> Direct email access to me, so that you don’t have to wait until your next session to get your most pressing questions answered (priceless)

>>Personalized supplement suggestions, based on your questionnaire findings, for maximum results

>>Cleansing, detox and gut support guidance, to upgrade your digestive function and hormone imbalances fast

>> Expanded recipe book of quick and easy, hormone balancing meals, smoothie builder, specific foods for your hormone imbalances and portion sizes for weight loss

>> Hormone Friendly exercise, eating out and being social guidance, to make hormone balancing and weight loss easy to fit in to your busy life





>> Lifetime Access to The Hormone Friendly™ 30-Day Transformation Program, my complete home study weight loss program containing the entire system, meal plans, advanced trainings, 12-weeks of strength and cardio workouts, and hormone balancing replenishment practices including sleep support and meditations.

Plus interviews with other hormone experts in the industry and a private Facebook group where you can ask me your questions and share your experiences with others along the journey. ($127 Value)




>> My Entire Collection of Hormone Friendly™ 3-Day Seasonal Cleanses, so you can balance hormones, detox and cleanse year round (Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter) with mini-jump starts that include recipes, supplements and lifestyle guidance ($197 Value)



3 payments of $799

Pay in full discount: $400 off

Ready for a light and energized experience of your female body?

Find out if this program is right for you. Click below to schedule a free Hormone Friendly Breakthrough Session!



carol-a-testimonial-graphic“I’ve lost 10 pounds so far and feel great in my clothes! I really love the way my clothes fit now. My life is so much easier and streamlined on this program. Shopping for food, exercising and just getting through my busy day is effortless due to following your plan. I haven’t had any desire for sugar and this is HUGE! I’ve carved out time for myself, I’m feeling strong and LOVING LIFE! I feel great, energized, I’m sleeping and waking up feeling rested.” – CAROL


After just 30 days, clothes that felt tight are now baggy. I am so excited!! Jill is a great teacher and her calm, helpful approach was like a breath of fresh air. It was a life changing experience! Thank you, Jill!!” –SHELLY


IF YOU FIND YOURSELF NODDING YOUR HEAD THINKING…”This sounds great, but I already KNOW this stuff. Can’t I do it on my own?”

My first question is…do you feel fantastic in your body and are you free of symptoms of hormone imbalance? If your answer is YES…perhaps this program is not for you. However, if you’re like most women suspecting they have hormone imbalances, not sure of what they are, you’re unable to lose weight, and the information you read online or everything you did in the past is not working…
The fact is, if you were going to do this on your own, you would have done it by now. It’s tough to learn and implement new habits in isolation. Why not give yourself the gift of the support you need, to remove whatever is standing in your way? Why not open yourself to receive the help, the testing, guidelines and expert feedback that will finally allow you to make that leap to the next level in your life and in your body? If this resonates with you, then I look forward to seeing you in the program.

Or, you can choose to go back to life as usual….


Back to feeling heavier and confused as to why your not improving, disappointed by the way you look and feel in your clothing and desperately pretending like it doesn’t matter – it’s just superficial stuff anyway. Yet it does matter. Not just for how you look but for your health and longevity. 

I KNOW I MAY SEEM LIKE ONE OF THOSE “NATURALLY FIT PEOPLE” WHO WAS JUST BORN LOVING HEALTHY FOOD AND EXERCISE. But in reality I struggled too, for years actually, sadly rebelling against certain types of exercise and dieting, stressing about my body and the future of my health all the while still wondering why I was unable to lose weight.

All the while trying to accept what I thought I couldn’t change. 


Then I learned the coaching skills and hormonal health protocols that I’ll share with you in this program. I learned how to use my body’s wisdom and desires for appropriate hormone balancing choices, and found out what my body was really capable of. And in 3 months, I went from feeling old and broken … to vibrant and whole. Feeling like I’ve only just begun living with awareness of my female body and with beauty that only deepens with age.


I’m simply a woman who desired for a lighter, more inspired and more meaningful experience of my female body and I finally learned how to make those desires a reality. I want to help you do the same.


In my Hormone Friendly™ Weight Loss Program, we will move you through 3-phases…


  • Discover your unique hormone imbalances with in depth questionnaires and lifestyle inquiry 
  • Decide together which Hormone Friendly habits to adopt first on your journey
  • Implement body cleansing practice and eliminations for immediate reinforcement and shedding weight fast
  • Balance your blood sugar by fueling your body the right way
  • Optimize your day with the right food timing so you’ll never go hungry or lose focus
  • Detoxing from sugar, and releasing any addictions



  • Digestion focus to decrease inflammation, bloating and allowing your body to absorb nutrients much easier
  • Introduce natural supplements based on your specific hormone imbalances
  • Solidify and troubleshoot habits, getting to the root cause of poor decisions
  • Learn to prepare fast and easy meals
  • Release any negative thoughts and emotions keeping you stuck and how to eliminate them to move you through your weight loss transformation
  • Learn to exercise your body for more energy and fat metabolism



  • Adding back favorite foods…if you should and when to do it.
  • Create your new life with low levels of stress so future imbalances don’t happen…
  • Socializing and remaining true to your new, hormone balancing nutrition habits
  • Feel more connected to and more confident in your perfectly changing body
  • Reinforce new healthy habits, so that there will be no ‘going back’
  • Identifying and removing endocrine disruptors that are wrecking havoc on your hormones


“What I really love about this whole hormone friendly journey is that I’m learning to fall in love with myself for the first time ever, and undo years of abusive behavior that I mistook for caring about my appearance.” BETSEY



 My program is for you if:


✓    You’re noticing weight gain like never before and feel like you’re at the mercy of out of control hormones. 

✓    You’ve tried the weight loss thing by yourself one too many times and failed (rather the system failed you) and you really just need someone to support, lead, and hold you accountable as you learn how to take each step to success.

✓    You’re willing to try new techniques, even if they bring up fears or old wounds and are willing to be coached through them.

✓    You’re sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, and bloated, cranky, moody, angry or depressed.

✓    You’re having trouble going to sleep, or you’re waking up late at night.

    You’re willing to have patience and faith that a new positive mindset will help you get hormone friendly and in a better body and life while you’re taking each step forward.

✓    You’re a powerful, educated woman successful in many areas of your life and strongly desire to overcome the weight loss part.

✓    You’d like to free up your time and energy on things you love and making a difference in the world rather than obsessing about food and calories or miles run and workouts completed. 

✓    You’d like to free up your time and energy on things you love and making a difference in the world rather than obsessing about food and calories or miles run and workouts completed.


My program is NOT for you if:


✘   You’re unwilling to look at the possibility of some foods you love being health culprits and possibly the reason for hormone related weight gain.

✘   You’re unwilling to look at the possibility of routine sacrifices of your time may be literally draining you of life and keeping the weight on.


If you’re ready to transform your body and step in to a new mindset, invest in yourself and really show up for yourself, then my Hormone Friendly™ Weight Loss program is for you…



3 payments of $799

Pay in full discount: $400 off




“I lost 5lbs instantly! I felt more energy, less bloat and more control over myself again. I have now lost 12 lbs, and almost 4% body fat! Thank you! I have needed a push for years. Your words everyday pushed me off the couch to a much higher, healthy quality of life!” –WENDY


“I have been able to lose over 35lbs. Jill is not like any coach I have had in the past. While she does kick my ass (and I love and hate it) she does it in a way that makes sense for my body. Our work is 100% geared towards my body and goals.” MARY