Want your waist back?


When I started to gain weight out of the blue, the first thing I noticed was my disappearing waist line. I freaked. I was turning in to my Grandma.

The one exercise I began using on the reg is the windmill. All of my ladies love it because there’s truly no other exercise to target the waistline and entire core in a way that’s completely different than planks and crunches.

I created The Hour Glass Workout so you can get your waist back!

The Hour Glass Workout is 2 sets of each style of windmill using dumbbells. In the video below, I talk you through the body position and movement so you can target your waist and core while staying safe and slimming at the same time.

This is definitely and exercise where you want to start with lighter weights until you master the movement. I am using a 10# dumbbell on the top and a 20# dumbbell on the bottom. Feel free to go lighter if this is your first time doing the windmill. You can add The Hour Glass workout to your exercise routine either before or after you lift weights, go walking, or go to your favorite exercise class.

YouTube Still Windmill

The Hour Glass Workout

1 Time Through 

2 Rounds – 5 Bodyweight Windmills on each side, then…

2 Rounds – 5 Top loaded Windmills (dumbbell in top arm) on each side, then…

2 Rounds – 5 Bottom loaded Windmills (dumbbell in bottom arm) on each side, then…

2 Rounds – 5 Fully loaded Windmills (dumbbell in top and bottom) on each side.

Get after it!



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