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Jill vidToday, I have a brand NEW full body routine that’s not just Hormone Friendly, it’s “time friendly,” get’s you strong, and tightens all over!

So I’ve been told that yesterday marked the 30 day countdown to summer.  While I’d love for you to focus on your life and fitness for every season from now until forever, I’m determined to ensure you look and feel your best in a Hormone Friendly way.  {Click to Tweet that out for me!}

This video One Piece Of Equipment, includes a simple routine and  just the exercises you need to get in a quick workout and help you firm up to feel and look your best for the warm season.

In the video, I describe how I would give this routine to anyone.  I do this routine, my senior clients do it, my injured people, and my athletes.

All you need is one dumbbell or a kettle bell! I’ve used anywhere from 15-35 lbs with my clients. How can you know the best weight to use? You should be able to go through the set with proper form, with the last few reps feeling challenging. Try different weights to see which works best for you… and feel yourself get challenged!

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The exercises in this video are simple to execute.  Set a timer for 10 Minutes and go through all the exercises as many times as you can.  Keep a record so you can measure your strength next time you do it:

5 Single Arm Squats (each side)

5 Single Arm Rows (each side)

5 Single Arm Push Presses (each side)

I really hope you’ve already tried the workouts in my videos over the last 3 weeks.  Simple Done For You and Getting Started Routine have resulted in excitement and encouragement to do more online.  I couldn’t be happier!  I’ll bring you a weekly video as long as you keep asking for them :).

Also, I have created a Hormone Friendly YouTube Playlist of my own videos and the videos I’ve done for Dr. Mercola on Mercola Peak  Fitness.  Check them out here!

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