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Today I’ve got two new workout routines.  I would love for you to see how simple it can be to get your exercise in without over thinking the process.  

My last workout blog, Workout:  Getting Started Routine, gave my 3 best tips for beginners and seasoned exercisers alike to stay consistent. 

1.  Use Your Own Body Weight First.

2.  Keep Your Routine Simple.

3.  Start With A Few Minutes, Then Build Up.

In that post, I shared a Body Weight Video I made with Mercola Peak Fitness and a Body Weight Video of my own I made of a few simple exercises.   I did that workout for 10 minutes and it kicked my booty.  No Joke. 

In the video below, I am demonstrating the exact exercises I performed in the HIIT – High Intensity Intervals For Beginners with a progression.  

I have added dumbbells.  

10 Air Squats BECOMES Top or Bottom Loaded Squats

10 Burpees BECOMES Burpees + Over Head Press

10 Push Ups BECOMES Push Ups + Row

10 Side Lunges BECOME Top or Bottom Loaded Side Lunges

10 Sit Ups BECOMES Top Loaded Sit Up + Over Head Press 

YouTube Preview Image

Another great way to progress from body weight exercises is to use resistance bands.  Dr. Mercola wrote a fantastic article about the benefits of resistance bands.  You can read that article here:  10 Benefits of Using Resistance Bands for Exercise.

I also helped create a video of resistance band demonstrations with the Mercola team.  Watch that video here:

YouTube Preview Image 

I hope you like these videos.  I’ve got more coming.  

Stay tuned and as always, Share!

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